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  1. As others have said, very heavy snow in Nottingham at the moment, heaviest I've seen in some time. Was watching it on the radar heading this way, but definitely heavier than I expected. Decent covering and still coming down for now.
  2. Cell to my south, around Huntingdon producing a lot of lightning. Hoping cell around Wellingborough strengthens as heading my way. Just heard first rumble of thunder.
  3. Things definitely looking more promising for our area. Looking at the radar, Lutterworth cell looks to be strengthening, and possibly something going up around Northampton.
  4. Fairly heavy snow shower passedt through Nottingham, about 15 minutes ago. Lasted about 10 minutes. Didn't settle at all, expect it's way too warm out there currently.
  5. Still some light snow falling. Temperatures were rising, hitting 1.7 at 20:00, but falling now, at 1.0 and DP 0.1.
  6. Light snow falling in West Nottingham, settling on cars, grass etc and some of the paths. Met office not forecasting any snows until later on for here.
  7. Getting colder here, temp 2.1, DP 1.8. Radar looking quite interesting, with showers forming in the wash. Met office forecast has heavy snow for my location at 15:00 and light snow at 16:00. Think there may be a few snow showers this afternoon.
  8. Just before it looks like the precipitation is going to arrive, temps are moving in the wrong direction again, up from 1.2 degrees to 1.7 and rising.
  9. Temperature just gone up slightly, but currently, 1.3 degrees, with a DP of 0.0. Looking at radar, further precipitation to arrive soon, should fall as snow.
  10. Moderate/Heavy snow being reported in midlands chat, should be moving south over parts of our region.
  11. Temp down from 3.6 to 1.9 in last 40 minutes or so. DP also rapidly fell to 0.7. Very very light snow falling
  12. Can anyone tell me, the met has precipitation continuing here until 12 midday, but looking at the radar I just can't see where it is going to come from? I see there is precipitation to the north, but it appears to be fizzling out quite rapidly.
  13. Temperature starting to fall quite rapidly now, from 3.6 to 2.9 in last 20 minutes, looks like sleet outside at the moment. edit: 5 minutes later, down to 2.7
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