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  1. Another heavy shower here. Hoping for a few more tonight!
  2. It’s eased a tad here though there are still heavier bursts to the east on the radar. Very happy with what I’ve got, though I wouldn’t complain about more over the next few days.
  3. It took them a while to really get going but we've done pretty well here. A clear gap after this shower before more potentially from the North Sea.
  4. Still got moderate snow here! A few centimetres here now, quite happy with this event overall. Hopefully we’ll get another hour out of this!
  5. Still got moderate snow here. Looks like another hour or two of snowfall unless it dies out before completely passing. Either way, happy with what we’ve had now!
  6. Snow is pretty heavy here now. Might get a good covering judging by the radar.
  7. Light snow here. Hopefully some heavier stuff moving north soon!
  8. Feeling hopeful even this far north. Some of the charts posted in here have been encouraging and the radar is promising.
  9. Still got hope for those of us further north. Like I saw somewhere above, the precipitation looks further north than shown on the models, and I'm still under an Amber warning. Events like these are always unpredictable and a slight change could be the difference between 2cm and 10cm. All about seeing what happens on the day!
  10. It may just be wishful thinking but does the precipitation look further north on the radar than displayed on the models to anyone else?
  11. This is how I'm approaching it too. We can't change what the models say, but the Met Office still have me in an Amber warning so everything is still up for grabs. So many times these events differ from what's expected, so all we can do is wait.
  12. Prospects seem a little less promising but nothing is guaranteed yet. It'll mostly be a case of radar watching and looking out of the window. I'm still feeling confident of getting 5-10cm which would still mean the best snow event since 2015 here, so even if it's not quite as extreme as other parts of the country it'll still be nice to see prolonged snow that actually settles. The model thread also has some people based in the south who'll ramp up every southwards shift they see, so don't be too discouraged yet! As I'm typing, we have light snow here. Perhaps a covering tonight looking at
  13. Chesterfield. Not quite Yorkshire, but I tend to hover between here and the Midlands thread. Obviously best of luck to those further north too!
  14. It's definitely looking good for Sunday here. We had a covering last night, unexpected and hopefully just a teaser.
  15. Currently looking like I'll see something from this. It's really interesting though, shows how quickly things can develop.
  16. In the warnings again. I'm looking forward to more snow, it's been a decent winter here.
  17. Looks like we'll be getting a nice top up here!
  18. As anyone can see from the radar, snow is still falling here and it looks like it won't be letting up for a while. Sometimes being in the middle of the country is good!
  19. I wouldn't be surprised to see our warning get upgraded, we have most of the snow still to come and these flakes are ridiculous.
  20. Lots of precipitation still to come so we still have a lot of time.
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