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  1. Time for a weather holiday soon I think. March & Sept are commonly quiet weather wise here, sept being that month when summer has gone but Autumn doesn't truly arrive until October. When you work 9 - 5 and the kids are back at school, summer in Sept is only really a weekend thing for me! Looking forward to a late summer BBQ next weekend though. And be back with renewed passion for the Second half of Autumn & of course Winter!!! BRING IT ON!

    1. MP-R


      Hear hear!

    2. Karl83


      I hope September brings more storms for us as some heat may be on the way. Fingers firmly crossed mate so you cut your holiday short!

    3. AWD


      Na mate! Looks very much to be a HP dominated month IMO, so lots of dry, sunny weather ( the sort we should of had a couple of months ago ). Although I'm sure there will be "blips" with lower pressure too, so we might have a few stormy days left yet! Not within the first week of Sept I don't think though!