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  1. So skies are brightening again. Looks like that's it unless any more cells form from now? Not sure what the forecast is for the rest of the night.
  2. At least you tried. Sunderland / Peterlee areas must have taken a hammering I can still hear the constant thunder
  3. Honestly the thunder sound is proper weird too must be horrendous directly under it as it's constant there's no let up.
  4. That cell is a beast on the north east coast. It's just to the east of me and it's constant thunder no breaks at all sounds amazing.
  5. Loud deep booming thunder and some sporadic lightning in Washington now almost constant thunder though
  6. Constant thunder heard how from that cell moving in. Must be amazing under it.
  7. Get some footage of you can mate it looks a beast on the radar. I can hear the thing from here in Washington. On its current course it will be a direct hit if it doesn't disintegrate.
  8. I'm going for a punt and suggest that the cell moving across the Durham area now is showing signs of supercell or multicellular characteristics. It's moving to the right slightly and the shape etc just looks right to me although I'm not a pro so just for fun my guess. Can hear thunder from it even in Tyne and Wear now
  9. So first pic is a little bit ago and you can see how the shape of the storm has really changed and built within half an hour. Certainly some decent activity across the north of England this afternoon as well as areas down south too. Good call to the forecasters.
  10. I hope so Cloud it could be a direct hit for a lot of areas and it's building I think
  11. I'm tracking this on the radar. Might even give chase if it turns out to be something special.
  12. Come on. Please don't die as you hit proper like you usually do!
  13. Some decent cells closing in across the north east now. Please build intensify and then show me a good storm man could be the last decent chance of the summer!
  14. Some good convection away to the west and north of Newcastle now rapid development by the looks of things.
  15. So the north east could be the place to be it seems however I'm not getting excited until I see developments on the radar this afternoon. I've lost most of my hair this summer already with radar stress lol
  16. Unreal amazing little storm this. Regular lightning and thunder. Just doing a little video
  17. Just started torrential rain and thunder and lightning in Washington
  18. The East coast has really come to life mind in the last couple hours.
  19. Turbulent skies in the NE this afternoon. Shows the instability well..
  20. Might get lucky I'm the red dot can hear thunder on and off now
  21. A louder bang and rolling thunder now. Come on give me a direct hit
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