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  1. Disappointing day here in the North east for storms but I have just captured this at Roker Beach in Sunderland when out with the dogs.
  2. Not sure what happened up here in the North east but the decent area of cells has merged into rain by the looks of things and even that then looks like dying out. Typical lol
  3. Another cell popped up to the north of the main clump near Durham now. The rest of radar from the Midlands into North West England and parts of Scotland look potent. Nice little outbreak today seems the forecasts were spot on.
  4. Anyone under that clump of convection between Catterick Garrison and Guisbrough? I'd be interested to see what the local conditions were. Heading steadily north though!
  5. On a direct collision course for me soon if it maintains so I'll let you know what the outcome is!
  6. Id say Tyne and Wear generally speaking like fine but that's if they maintain lol
  7. The dog loves the snow as much as me I've defo trained her well lol she's snow mad. She would stand all night like this. 20210210_193047.mp4
  8. Nice direct hit as a parting gift for yours truly lol Heavy graupel replaced by heavy snow 20210210_192703.mp4
  9. Are these showers meant to pep up again as the day goes on? They look like they're fizzling in places now. Can't complain though was nice to see some falling snow.
  10. The dog loves a bit snow. She was actually staring out the window this morning when I woke up.
  11. Heavy snow here again. Feels a bit strange i can't track the showers but makes it a bit more exciting. Hoping when the radar comes back on there are showers packing in behind. Be like opening a present on Xmas day lol
  12. Get in!!! Woke up to a lush covering and still snowing heavily. Something happened to Netweather radar it looks like it's broken lol
  13. Aye me too. Gonna get me head down. Blinds open to see the lamppost. See you all on the other side hopefully a decent morning to wake up to!
  14. Heavy snow and graupel shower quite intense id say 7/10. Loving this tonight! Don't worry southern friends your turn will come I'm sure. The radar is a lot better in terms of beasting up the showers
  15. How anyone can think this is still rubbish is beyond me.... much much better than last night
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