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  1. If Russia is not careful NATO will de friend them from Facebook.....
  2. Well good luck all. Think i have seen 2 frosts this winter so far, mind you if i wanted snow and ice i should move !. I am expecting a thorough drenching tonight, to start very shortly.
  3. Well another horrible day in Pembrokeshire. Its throwing it down, there is a wall of airborne water being fired at me by 40-50mph winds. It did get close to 60mph earlier but it has slackened off a bit now, just got relentless rain. I do hate these SE winds it blows the rain through all my windows and doors. Everything round here is set up for SW'lys. Nowhere near as bad as the other day though. I passed through St Davids earlier and something must have blown off the roof of the indian takeaway as the Fire Brigade were in attendance. Power nearly went off just now, monitor turned off but the computer managed to stay booted up. Its been on and off a few time in the last 48 hours so obviously still some niggling issues from Wednesday. Hope everyone is safe well and dry
  4. I believe the worst have it has passed from my area now. I do say that with some trepidation, not wanting to shoot myself in the foot. Wind speed have been gradually dropping from about 14.30. The really serious stuff looks to be to the north of me now. For a period between 13.30 and 14.30 it was gusting consistently 70-75mph with a peak gust of 79mph and a peak in mean wind speed of 56mph. Current conditions see it gusting around 55-60mph although as i write this a gust of 64mph occurred but there is nowhere near the ferocity to the wind as there was earlier. Stay safe people
  5. Its pretty horrible here now. Been gusting 65-75mph for the last hour with the odd one in the high 70's. The last 5/10 min the intensity seems to have picked up though, top speeds are no greater, but just seem to be more consistently in the 70's. I live in a static caravan and it is behaving like a boat at sea, don't worry though shes well tied down. Nothing to major to report, the farm shed down the road has lost the other half of its roof, the first half going in the easterlies about 10 days ago. A local road is shut due to the road being blocked by a garage roof.
  6. Reading my local rag online, they are reporting some schools are closing at 1pm because of the winds. Winds are back again now, gusting 60-67 mph, more from the sw than earlier. Sun now gone, it is grey and overcast.
  7. Its almost pleasant outside. Winds dropped to force-'cats considering going out', suns out, lovely........... I'll just sit here and wait for armageddon lol
  8. Wind just started gusting at 70-73 mph had a very intense 2-3 min, is slackened off a bit now to 60-65mph. Its brightening up considerably as the rain looks to have passed overhead, in fact the sun is almost breaking through.
  9. Wind here gusting 60-64 mph from s/ssw. Been pretty consistent for the last hour or so. Main band of rain seems to have passed now with showers more the order of things. I ll be very surprised if my shed roof makes it through today, how its lasted this long is a mystery to me. I plan to make it through the day by chain smoking and drinking tea and i do have a lovely single malt which may get cracked open if it all gets too much, purely for medicinal purposes of course.
  10. Absolutely dreading this one, normally a bit more positive regarding a storm but this has the potential to leave me homeless. It horrible out at the moment, so dark with driving heavy rain, gusting to mid 50's currently.
  11. Met have just upped the wind gusts to 87 mph at 3pm for st david's. Good googely moogely. I expect they will issue a Red warning...about 3 min before it all hits.
  12. Good day all Current met forecast for me has it gusting to 83mph at its worst tomorrow. This is the worst forecast for wind i have seen in the last 4 yrs (that i can remember). This is the most excited (well scared) about a storm i've been in ages. Whilst i do like a a good gale, i do still want to have a home !. I predict a national shortage of ridge tiles approaching.
  13. errr someone seems to have replaced the air with water

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