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  1. NOR did I stand underneath a shower head that has a beam of light coming out of it....ohh I do love to drink whisky by the seaside
  2. Just had a light shower in hove...obviously I mean of snow...I didnt have a shower with a load of.lights :-)
  3. Some of the heaviest snow Ive ever seen falling for hours down here and none of it is settling...i feel as sick as a parrot...we would have had a foot by now if it has settled....so dissapointed
  4. Remarkably this is backed up by the ECM, the control run, several ensembles AND the JMA for around the same timeframe.
  5. Snow here has got heavier but the dew points have also risen at the same time...roads are now clear and wet as are car roofs. Still its nice to see snow falling from the sky and have snow on the ground for a 5th day in a row
  6. Snoowing here in Hove...thin dusting of everything again...looks like it will be over in a jiffy judging by radar. I think thats winters farewell leaving present..back to mild and wet here as early as tomorrow. Looking forward to warmer and hopefully drier weather...had my fill of cold and snow. Got a feeling winter 2018/2019 is going to be a special one...altho to be fair those in the SW, NE, West Scotland, Wales and Ireland have had an event that will be spoken about for years. May e next winter will be our turn
  7. There's "something" falling out of the sky with a few flakes mixed in...not really sure what it is...ice snizzle ?? Like grains of sugar but heavier ...very odd
  8. another day and the super computers fail...where is all this PPN then ?? lmfao what a joke according to the Met and the BBC is should be under a massive area of PPN by now which should be heading north into the UK. All I see is a thin band which is hardly moving. disassterous forecasting over the past few days by all agencies really.
  9. Personally I blame thw daily fail and express for constantly telling everyone every week that theres going to be snowmageddon....if anyone has blood on thier hands its.them and certainly not the Met Office
  10. Freezing rain in Hove as well, makes a really strange noise as it hits the windows blown by the wind , it's falling onto a thin layer on snow courtesy of an insanely heavy 10 minute snow shower here which left everything redusted, there was already a patchwork of snow, ice and partially melted ice as the freezing rain hit here so I fully epect to wake up to the sound of tooting horns and cars crashing into one another here. Thank god I have the day off work tomorrow !!
  11. OK starting to get a little heavier now here in Hove, might just be a temporary blip, hard to tell if it's all snow, more a mix of snizzle but with bigger flakes mixed in, will fortunately there's still some patches of ice and snow outside so if that metls I'll know it's rain, roads don't have that damp look about them so we might just be lucky here as the Uppers are due to creep above freezing temporarily between now and midnight and if we can remain under some fairly heavy PPN then it might cancel it out, really is on a knife edge along the S.Coast, less marginal inland IMO
  12. it's sooo frustrating there's a big hole in the PPN right over us and it seems to have been here all day with PPN brushing past us to the West, were right on the periphery and have been for most of the day
  13. strange it's just pathetic snizzle here in Hove, microscopicly small flakes probably the size of sugar grains, I think our best chance of seeing some snow all be it temporary before it turns to rain is late tomorrow morning/ mid day
  14. Thus far nothing, just a few flakes blowing around as per the past 2 hours...I think I could walk faster than this band of PPN is moving NE
  15. Does anyone know what the hell is going on ?? I can't keep up with this, all I can see is a galactic sized blob of precipitation that seems toi fizzle out about 3 miles off the coast here only to reappear ion the radar about 3 miles north...now were under an amber warning ?? This really is chaotic and I don't think anyone has a clue what's going to happen at +3 let alone further ahead. a few flakes blowing around here over the past few hours I wonder if a secondary low is forming in the channel as per 12z ECM yesterday ??
  16. This is torture, sitting here watching the snow simply running 3 or 4 miles away arrgghhhh
  17. Snow has picked up here in Hove but its barely made a dusting ...still lets see how the day pans out..hasnt got that same continental element and so.its stubborn to settle
  18. Looking at the radar returns I should be under a heavy snow shower here in Hove...very odd as what im seeing isnt even close to the intensity that the radar is showing and its such a thin band that its likely to be gone soon. Been up sice 4am watching this come in...I fear a lot of us might be dissapointed with this one...unless it somehow back builds and intensifies
  19. Yup a few whispy flakes blowing in the wind ...getting steadily heavier but at a painfully slow rate.
  20. absolutely hammering it down in hove a good level 3 - 5 cm now. And still it comes down. Just wow !! Cant wait to get out in it soon
  21. Its been snowing again steadily in hove foe the past 15-20 minutes...really wasnt expecting as much as this. Very happy
  22. Amazed at local variations..weve had 3 or 4 cm here right on the coast in hove ...i expect more higher up...yet others nearby have had nothing...seems were in a.good location Going to walk to work today...and take the.scenic route :-) I.e the hilliest :-)
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