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  1. Snow starting to lye here now. Maybe a wee dusting by morning. Nice to see but I am ready for summer
  2. Proper Squall here with snow. The wind is really blowing. If only this was Winter. Lol
  3. It's snow g here in Derry now. Also a covering in the hills.
  4. It was pretty crap here if I am honest. Was hoping for a lot more snow but just wasn't to be.
  5. No a while pile of snow here. Was expecting more to be honest and it looks like the back end of the front is approaching. Was nice to see proper Blizzard conditions earlier.
  6. Amazing conditions here this morning. Snow isn't overly heavy but this is as close to Iceland as I'll get this year. Proper Blizzard conditions VID_20210213_095211.mp4 VID_20210213_094908.mp4
  7. Getting heavier now. Somewhere gonna get nailed. Some places getting really intense on the radar!
  8. Yeah definitely getting a bit heavier now. Radar looking good.
  9. Light snow blowing about here but really need it to intensify some time soon Patiently waiting
  10. Is this going to hit earlier than forecasted? I was under the impression that 6am was the time for the North West
  11. Really looking forward to this now. Just had a few flakes blowing in the wind in Derry. 6am can't come quick enough
  12. This sounds great for Saturday morning even if it is short lived but it will be a proper snow day and maybe one of our last for this Winter. I'll be up early to enjoy it anyway. Update from NI Weather. Our warning remains as is at the moment. It will be updated tomorrow and during Saturday. It is likely we will upgrade the warning to Level 2 for some areas. There is a lot happening with the weather this weekend, here is what to expect in terms of severe weather impacts overnight Friday but more so during Saturday: Moderate to Heavy snowfall - Significant falls possible. Accumulations of up 5-10cm possible in many areas, prehaps 15 to even 20cm locally, but more so over higher ground. Temporary blizzard conditions in places due to strong wind gusts. Hazardous conditions across many parts of the country. Risk that some areas on higher ground, rural areas and high level routes could be come become cut off or impassable for a time. Risk of freezing rain in places, leading to Ice risk. which if occurs will lead to some dangerous conditions. Possible interruptions to power supplies due to snowfall, possible freezing rain (causing ice to form on power lines) and high winds. Warnings will be updated tomorrow, stay tuned.
  13. Great piece of kit. I have the Mavic Pro and it goes everywhere with me.
  14. It's definitely bitter out tonight. Coldest feeling night of the winter so far. Roll on Saturday now for some proper snow
  15. To be honest I'll just be glad to see some proper heavy snow whether it's gone the next day or not.
  16. From NI Weather..... The NI Weather & Flood Advisory Service has issued the following weather warning. A Warning of Snow & Ice has been issued for Northern Ireland. This is something we have been monitoring & forecasting over the past several days. This is an update/amendment to our advisory and has been upgraded to a warning. It's likely that this warning may be upgraded to Level 2 for some areas. Warning valid from 22:00 12/02/2021 Until at least 18:00 13/02/2021 An Atlantic weather front will move into NI later Friday and throughout Saturday and as this encounters the very cold air currently in place, it is expected to turn readily to heavy sleet & snow, first in Western areas but extending to all parts overnight. (Similar to the fairly widespread snowfall event the country experienced on 23-24th January) Accumulations of up to 5cm are possible quite widely across the country and as much as 10-15cm locally and more so over higher ground (Possibly as much as 20cm in one or two spots) Some areas on higher ground & high level routes may become impassable for a time. (Some coastal areas may see a more wintry mix) NB: Accumulations will again vary and some areas will likely see more than others. Strong winds of up to 30-50mph may be an additonal hazard, leading to temporary blizzard conditions in places exposed to the wind. This combined with falling snow and possible freezing rain could cause some localised disruption to power supplies. Ice will become an issue across many areas, leading to hazardous driving conditions especially in areas with snow cover. There is a chance during Saturday afternoon of the sleet/snow possibly turning to rain in Western areas due to milder air assoicated with the weather front. There is also a risk of a period of freezing rain in places which will may lead to dangerous conditions. This warning may be upgraded to Level 2 at any stage so please keep an eye on our page. We will of course keep you updated on where the snowfall is and it's current track We will also be posting some charts/data regarding this possible widespread snowfall event. Stay tuned.
  17. A good explanation of what's coming for the rest of the week. BBC iPlayer - Weather for the Week Ahead - 10/02/2021 WWW.BBC.CO.UK Detailed weather forecast.
  18. Yeah I seen pics from up around the Isle Of Doagh this morning and they had quite a bit of snow but the snow just keeps on coming there tonight. Also seeing pics of Garvagh tonight and they have a lot of snow by the looks of it while maybe a mile down the road barely nothing. All very localised. Garvagh....
  19. North Donegal really doing well since early yesterday with Streamers and still going.
  20. Yeah that last shower was great. Everywhere white now. What a great surprise tonight. Wasn't expecting anything
  21. Yeah a wee dusting here. It all kinda broke up then reformed over Donegal.
  22. Showers are just forming out of nowhere on the East Coast then intensifying as they move inland then dying out when they get to Derry. It has been snowing lightly the past while. Another batch forming to the East now.
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