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  1. A dusting of snow here tonight and the roads are really slippy. Looks like quite a bit on the way in. Could give a few cms in places.
  2. The last couple of showers have been snow here. Laying on tops of cars.
  3. Starting to snow here now. Small flakes but the front precip only starting. VID_20200229_113433.mp4
  4. Both the Coleraine Mountain and the Glenshane have a bit of snow on them tonight. I'll get my snow fix later this week with another 8 nights in Iceland. Plenty of snow forecast to ?
  5. Heavy sleet and hail falling here now. Wasn't expecting that. Maybe a bit of snow later today
  6. Just a wee skiff of snow here but its better than nothing
  7. Seems like the showers are passing right by here on the strong winds. A load of crap just like this whole winter.
  8. Snowing away here now. Hopefully get a bit of a covering. Plenty of showers packing in but all the good stuff heading for Scotland!
  9. Looking real good to our NW. Just need the temps to drop. Forecasts seem pretty confident for that to happen.
  10. Any idea on timings on when Due points are going to drop or are we stuck with this sleety crap all night
  11. Thunder and lightning here. Its wild out but still no snow. Even a bit of hail would be nice. Glad to see a few of you getting snow!
  12. Yeah just need the temps to drop. Not sure they are going to but we shall see
  13. Must be the same band gathering out to the North West NI Weather & Flood Advisory Service 32 mins · Just a heads up folks! We are keeping a close eye on a more organised area of showers just out to the Northwest of the country. it's heading our direction over the next few hours and some areas could see more prolonged sleet & snow for a time later this afternoon/evening which is likely to lead to some accumulations of several cm's in short periods of time. We will keep monitoring this and keep you updated.
  14. The Southern end of it is expanding and curving so some areas could get lucky
  15. Just wondering the same thing. That's a serious amount of precip on the way in.
  16. I think it could get good later on this evening. Showers turning more to snow here now and I am on 100m asl
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