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  1. My Instagram Weather Photos ali_smith91
  2. Yes sorry, that's what I meant, 'next' weekend as apposed to, 'this' weekend.
  3. It's currently looking a little 'beasty' for next weekend.
  4. ...and look what we have on the GFS 10 HPA this morning. Deep in Fi I know but surely this would alter the weather pattern we've been enduring over the past few weeks.
  5. I agree, 2nd week of January looks quite interesting at the moment. GFS has been showing a shot of cold in the second week of Jan on a few runs recently and this evening it's showing some sustained cooler weather.
  6. I live in the Eden valley in Cumbria and I have known snow drifts last well into May up on Cross Fell on a few occasions recently. Not so much in June though. We did have fresh snowfall above 400m on the pennines on the 23rd May this year. I have a great picture I should probably upload. As far as historical snow goes, my friends Dad tells a tale of a huge snow drift at the back of Dufton Pike lasting all year round but that was when he was in his early teens (He'll be about 60).
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