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  1. A stunning summer’s day with almost cloudless skies. Perhaps a little too hot with a maximum of 28C at Glasgow airport where it’s still 26C. Some of the weather in recent days of 22-25C with lots of sunshine, blue sky and a slight breeze is probably the most enjoyable summer weather. I wonder if Glasgow and other parts of Scotland could see 29 or 30C in the next couple of days. I doubt we’ll see a met office extreme heat warning which has been issued in Northern Ireland where there could be further record breaking temperatures. It’s not been a bad summer so far with some decent spell
  2. I heard a rumble of thunder a few minutes ago. Interesting looking cloud - is it a shelf cloud.
  3. The last few days have been fantastic with some seasonal weather at long last. May is normally one of the best months of the year for weather but this month was more like October with pretty cool, damp, dull and unsettled weather. Hopefully this summer is more like 2018, 2013 or 2006 and it’d be nice to have some decent weather for the football.
  4. The last month of weather has been very unusual. The heaviest graupel shower I’ve experienced rattled through about 10 mins ago. The atmosphere does have a bit of a thundery vibe and like early last month it’s weird to see wintry precipitation from convective showers generated inland. April is when the transition from winter to summer is most apparent with a mix of rather cold and warm temperatures but despite potent cold and snow being difficult to achieve as the sun gets stronger last month was notably cold. Glasgow airport had 19 air frosts - more than February and March combined - and saw
  5. Just had a brief snow flurry after nearly two months without seeing snow. It’s always a nice bonus seeing snow falling in non-winter months. I’ve never had lying snow in April and I suspect this year won’t be any different but further north there could be some pretty decent falls of snow during this spell.
  6. Snow showers from the east left a covering of 11cm.
  7. I can say there’s also a mix of snow and graupel here. It sounds different from normal snow. All surfaces covered with fresh snow.
  8. Another very cold day with some light snow earlier. The past week has been pretty memorable and certainly the highlight of the winter. Although this winter generally hasn’t been as severe as 2010 the period since Christmas has been very unusual for the dominance of cold weather with very few mild days. It’s a shame the cold couldn’t persist for another week as we could have seen a sub zero mean for February. Instead we might end up with some pretty mild weather which might push the mean temperature closer to average. It’s very noticeable how different it looks and feels compared to Decemb
  9. Another lovely morning. It has been fantastic to have sunshine and blue sky during the day and clear, starry sky at night. Snow cover has reduced to 6.5cm probably due to wind and sunshine though most surfaces exposed to sunlight have retained decent snow cover better than I expected. This week has seen here and in my places the second largest snowfall since 2010 and the coldest temperatures aswell - making it probably the most significant spell of cold and snow since December 2010. It’s a shame this spell couldn’t last another week which would put Feb 2021 in the same category as Dec 200
  10. I’m delighted we’ve achieved an incredible -23.0C. It’s amazing to think that only 13 years since 1875 have recorded a lower temperature - and only 2 years between 1920 and 1978. Only twice (1895 and 1955) has February recorded a lower temperature. Interesting to see some other stations saw record low temperatures. I wonder where Sean gets the data for station records.
  11. I’m glad Braemar has officially recorded -23.0c - an incredible temperature. It’s funny how the coldest temperatures don’t always occur during the coldest winters - the lowest temperature out of 1947, 1963 and 2010 was -22.3C in Jan 2010. After a decade of temperatures struggling to drop below -15C it’s great that the 2020s hasn’t failed to achieve -20C.
  12. Since 1875 only 1879, 1881, 1895, 1910, 1919, 1940, 1955, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1985 and 1995 have recorded lower temperatures. I’m not sure how cold it got in February 1979/1985 but we could be looking at the coldest February temperature since 1955 and potentially the second coldest since 1895. Absolutely remarkable!
  13. Does anyone know the coldest temperatures recorded in February 1985 and 1979? We could be looking at the coldest temperature in February since 1955!
  14. Absolutely remarkable! After a decade of struggling to record -15C it’s amazing we’ve beaten 2010. -20C has been so rare over the past 30 years I was beginning to doubt if we’d get close to 2010 or 2001 in the 2020s. -11C is also the coldest recorded at Glasgow airport in February since 1991.
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