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  1. Wow, was I wrong! A good 4" over night, and it's just stopped
  2. -5 and frosty here. Very, very disappointing. I'm not expecting anything now
  3. First Sunday night into Monday, then Monday night into Tuesday, now end of the week, when it's going to, probably, warm up.
  4. Just had a 5 minute shower. It ammounted to nothing.
  5. Snow in Chelmsford, snow in Colchester, nothing here in Braintree
  6. Oddly, despite being above freezing, I have a couple of icicles above my window
  7. A very light, floaty snow shower here in Braintree
  8. Been coming down steadily for about 40 minutes now. Too wet to stick, though
  9. Nothing here. Really disappointed for the kids, and me.
  10. Just had a very light shower, but it was definitely snow
  11. Down to - 7 here over night. Still at - 5. Just a shame we haven't had the snow to go with the cold
  12. Been raining since about 7 this morning. Typical that when you get a decent amount of precipitation, it's wet, rather than white