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  1. Everything has gone from very wet to very white in the space of 10 minutes
  2. If it snows half as much as it's rained, I'll be laughing. Been coming down most of the day
  3. Wouldn't be the first kick in the balls I've received from Darcey. My daughter did it a few months ago
  4. A light dusting here. It's still coming down, but it'll have to intensify a fair bit if the kids and I will be making a snowman
  5. Rain and temperature (3c) have been constant all morning. Dew point has dropped to 2c in the last hour, though
  6. Tiny bit of snizzle in Braintree. I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't gone to my car.
  7. A light dusting in Braintree. Despite the roads being clear, although very wet, the traffic is crawling
  8. Easily my favourite period of weather. My now ex wife was pregnant with our eldest and the heating packed up on 22nd December. Managed to get someone out to replace the boiler the following day, well, the landlady did. I can distinctly remember sitting in the rocking chair by the living room window, fire on, Christmas decorations up, watching some teenagers walk past in the heavy snow, no coats on, absolutely frozen, thinking "kids are stupid".
  9. Very true. Who knows, if I'm stuck in snow-bound traffic for 45 minutes, I can't fail the test ?
  10. Guess who has a week long intensive driving course next week.
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