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  1. A lot less wind than yesterday but still breezy but no rain whatsoever, a mixture of sun and cloud with a current temp here of 21.2c.
  2. Bright and breezy here with a current temp of 21.0c.
  3. Mainly cloudy with less wind although quite gusty here at times, low of 11.4c and currently 14.7c.
  4. Bright and breezy here this morning with a low temp of 10.4c.
  5. Very warm start and a bit windy with total cloud cover which we've not seen for a while here, current temp 16.9c.
  6. Cloud and breezy it's also an incredibly warm start with temps here at this moment of 17.0c.
  7. 27.1c was the max here today down on yesterday with clear skies.
  8. 50 odd years of watching weather and it's still very much hit or miss thanks to the law of chaos, global warming however also plays a big part in our weather and this is going to increase. Greenland is going green and all that methane it's going be to released. As fraser in dad's army used to say. "We're doooomed."
  9. Yep, got rather sweaty mowing my lawn early and that was at 9am, the wife says it's because i'm a fat git. I thought i'd get it done before those none existant storms arrived.# check radar.
  10. Expected some fireworks but ended up with a dud just blue skies here, at least the north sea seems to have a bit of action.
  11. That narrow band of activity early moved through quite quickly, did'nt even notice it here, pepped up over the north sea though.
  12. Crystal clear skies here today but a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday with current temp of 25.8c.
  13. Reached 28.7c here today in another wonderful weather day, hard to believe it's still only may. A few fireworks tomorrow for some!!
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