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  1. Clear start here with a low of 3.8c, current temp 5.9c and dodging the showers so far.
  2. A showery and breezy start here with a low of 5.7c, currently 7.4c.
  3. Getting very windy here with patchy rain at the moment, heavier and squally stuff on it's way.!! current temp 12.8c.
  4. Cloudy with a light breeze and a low of 5.4c, current temp 7.8c.
  5. Mostly cloudy and damp start with a low of 9.8c, current temp 10.7c.
  6. A few breaks in the cloud here allowing a top temp of 15.4c.
  7. Cloudy and breezy but dry, with a current temp of 14.4c.
  8. A mild and wet start here with rain clearing, low of 10.6c, currently 11.3c.
  9. Partly cloudy and calm with a low at the moment of 7.2c.
  10. As a youngster at around this time of year and i do recall many more daddy long legs and drunk wasps, as my mother would call them, than we do today, also iv'e not seen any earwigs for ages, is this just another sign of our changing climate,? although to be fair i do not actively go looking for them anymore.!!
  11. Another cloudy and calm start with a low of 6.9c, current temp 8.5c.
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