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  1. You might not have the same opinion if you lived in a house without central heating
  2. 3am this morning I woke to a huge flash through the curtains and the electric went off. It came back on at 8:30am. My electric has been off and on all day. The workmen have been out there all day digging the road and doing stuff. Just checked and the poor guys are still out there now working away. Hat's off to the Western Power engineers, they've certainly earned their money today.
  3. Just been out to fill the coal bucket for the second time today. The wind is really getting up now.
  4. Shefali says 5 - 10 cms but the BBC and met office website forecasts say bugger all snow
  5. This has to be the most over-hyped non-event in weather history. I just want Spring to happen now to save on heating costs. This bitter cold with no snow does nothing for me.
  6. Not much more than 2 cm of lying snow here and no current precipitation
  7. It's bitterly cold. Looks like a -7C overnight. It's already -3C here. I had to sleep on the sofa in the living room last night next to the stove as my bedroom was only 4.5C
  8. Today was the first morning this winter I actually woke up feeling a little cold. My bedroom was 5C and the rest of the house between 7 and 8C All you guys praying for this cold to last, please spare a thought for those few still without central heating
  9. The lane is white over here. Unfortunately, not enough to justify working from home on my designated office day
  10. I wonder how strong the wind will be overnight? Not sure my fence can take another battering like the other week
  11. Snowing here. I went shopping just as it started earlier. Drove down to town (100m asl) and it was raining but turned to sleet when I finished my shopping. Drove back home (200m asl) and the lanes were starting to turn white.
  12. Nothing here. Quite pleased actually as I'm in work today and could do without having to clear the car.
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