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  1. Wont be an easterly in a million years preached this all knowing prophet

    1. frosty ground

      frosty ground

      And there isn't one showing...... :rofl:

      • You need to read my posts more carefully.... :hi:
      • Low dives south east, drags in some continental air
      • Very Cold air from the North West meets Cold Continental air. 

      The only think I underestimated is the amount of cold air backing west, and the GFS has toned that down, the UKM has not.

  2. aitchbomb

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Came to Krakow for a white Birthday on 13th Jan and at last it’s snowing
  3. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
  4. I read the post at about 3 am and it was very upbeat about significant -ve temps v climo for all of Jan and would have been misused by some so again he ll probably have to stop posting interesting insights for the Forum yet again
  5. We got people in here looking for recognition and plaudits punting for a wet mildly and windy Christmas. What odds they expecting for a Forest Green Rovers v Man City game?
  6. aitchbomb

    Model Output Discussion 18z 30/09/15

    No OPI figures available this year?
  7. Thats such a poor effort at trolling I feel even more positive now, cheers pal!