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  1. Have you got a link to the strat thread please I just can’t find it for this winter
  2. It’s the schadenfreude that accompanies posts from the same old suspects who incidentally, also do their best to be first to post gloating posts indicating mild weather as earlier as possible in the morning
  3. That’s at least 8 days before the colder weather is expected.
  4. You know full well that this chart is before any trop effect from the SSW can possibly have been modelled.
  5. There is absolutely nothing about the longer range Met update to cause people to start crying and whinicking that it’s all over and there won’t be any snow. Once/if a good easterly sets in then pretty much anything is possible in January.
  6. Yes but you must know by now that that is what the GFS does. Surely more fool you
  7. Surely there’s lots of room on that chart for some good easterlies.
  8. Deary me, been waiting a long while for you to say something more positive John!
  9. Wont be an easterly in a million years preached this all knowing prophet

    1. frosty ground

      frosty ground

      And there isn't one showing...... :rofl:

      • You need to read my posts more carefully.... :hi:
      • Low dives south east, drags in some continental air
      • Very Cold air from the North West meets Cold Continental air. 

      The only think I underestimated is the amount of cold air backing west, and the GFS has toned that down, the UKM has not.

  10. aitchbomb

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Came to Krakow for a white Birthday on 13th Jan and at last it’s snowing