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  1. But, in your rush to upset others, you didn’t.
  2. It’ll be warnings about solar insolation this time next week.
  3. Well you do have to applaud the high skill levels and results of those forever suggesting that we will experience mild weather and south westerly winds.
  4. Couldn’t trouble you for next Saturday’s lottery numbers could I?
  5. Since a little banter is ok, I’m off to NYC tonight and I’m quite relieved not to have missed anything significant whilst away and hopefully be back for real fun and games ❄️
  6. Have you got a link to the strat thread please I just can’t find it for this winter
  7. It’s the schadenfreude that accompanies posts from the same old suspects who incidentally, also do their best to be first to post gloating posts indicating mild weather as earlier as possible in the morning
  8. You know full well that this chart is before any trop effect from the SSW can possibly have been modelled.
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