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  1. Alllllllrighty then

    1. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Hope all's well ooop North ! :-) Lovely place you live HM..

    2. GulberwickWeather
  2. Bumblebee tuna,bumblebee tuna

  3. Bottle recycler sounds so much better than alcoholic

  4. Splitting your sides is no laughing matter...

  5. 24hr banking....I don't have time for that

  6. I vill not buy zis record, eet ees scratched

  7. My hovercraft ees full of eels!

  8. Snowing heavily at the moment.

    1. Frosty.


      metoffice are clueless sometimes, when the snow stops and starts to thaw, they will issue an amber warning, haha

    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Or maybe there's not enough expected to cause too much disruption in Shetland lol

    3. Frosty.


      whereas 1 mm is enough for amber warnings in london ,haha

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  9. Top gust so far 74mph!

  10. Well quelle surprise - it's windy again!

  11. I think it may be a tad windy later!

  12. Hairy Japanese b******s!

    1. shotski


      Have I missed something ?

    2. Bobby
  13. You look like a bird thats swallowed a plate!

    1. Bishop Brennan

      Bishop Brennan

      It's the latest fashion actually, and as a matter of fact it makes me look rather sexy!

    2. GulberwickWeather


      To another plate-swallowing bird perhaps!

  14. Twiddling with my knobs at the moment....

    1. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      don't do it too often you will go blind ;-)

    2. Dorsetbred


      watch out they dont fall off in your hand

  15. Don't panic Mr.Mainwaring!

    1. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      ....and don't tell him your name Hagar (oops)

    2. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      What is your name Don't tell him Pike. Pike! One of the best scenes in Dad's army in my opinion

  16. I hate this telephone boxin cold. *sniff* *cough*

    1. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Same with my cough, I had a cold for a week, was better for 2 days then got a nasty cough for a week!

    2. Coast


      You need to get out of that cold telephone box Bob!

  17. Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb

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