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  1. Gulberwick, Shetland Latest obs @ 0804 UTC Temp: 6.4C Wind: SE @ 2kts Baro: 998.8hPa (falling) Rain: Nil
  2. Ah yes, I remember this place! Had a bit of a lick of paint since the last time I visited......

  3. Gulberwick, Shetland Current obs @ 20.32 UTC Temp: 4.9C Max: 9.8C @ 1341 UTC Wind: NW @ 5kts Max avg: 14kts Max gust: 16kts Rainfall: 0.4mm Pressure: 1015.5hPa (falling slowly)
  4. Dry at the moment. Current obs @ 2015 UTC Temp: 3.9C Dew: 2.1C Max: 4.4C Wind: S @ 12kts Max gust: 27kts @ 1116 UTC Pressure: 1017.6hPa Rainfall: 0.0mm
  5. Some sleet and wet snow up here in Shetland. A dusting of lying snow on the higher ground at the moment. Temp currently 1.9C, dew 0.7C, Wind NNE @ 21 kts
  6. A tad breezy up here! Top gust from Barbara has been 85mph at Sella Ness (which is in the north of Shetland next to the Sullom Voe Oil Terminal). Now we await the arrival of Conor!
  7. I'm back!! lol

    1. lassie23


      welcome back, even though i've never heard of you :D

  8. Dreich, drizzly & crap frankly.

    1. Mokidugway


      Sunny here ....

  9. Snow melting away now boo!

  10. 10 cms lying snow here and still snowing.

  11. Heavy snow here at the moment.

  12. Heavy and prolonged snow showers this morning, sunny interval just now. Temp: 0.4C Dew: -0.3C Wind Chill: -6.7C Wind: NNW @ 17kts Pressure: 997.7hPa Humidity:95% Snow fall today 1-2 inches
  13. Windy with a wintry mix of rain, hail and sleet. Temp: 2.4C Dew: 1.6C Wind Chill: -4C Wind: NNW @ 26kts Max gust last hr: 46kts Max gust today: 47kts Rainfall today: 2.6mm Pressure: 979.5hPa (rising) Humidity: 94% Cloud: 7/8 Visibility: moderate to good, poor in showers.
  14. Currently dry. Showers of rain earlier. Temp: 3C Dew: 1.5C Wind Chill: -3C Wind: N @ 15 kts Max gust last hr: 27kts Max gust today: 31.3kts Rainfall today: 1.0mm Pressure: 971.3hPa (rising) Humidity: 90%
  15. Heavy snow. Temp: 0.5C Dew: -0.1C Wind Chill: -4C Wind: [email protected] 8.7kts Max gust last hr: 17kts Max gust today: 30kts Pressure: 973.1hPa (falling) Humidity: 96% Rainfall today: 5.4mm Cloud: 8/8 Visibility: Poor
  16. Current conditions @ 0933 UTC Wx: Heavy snoiw Temp: 0.7C Dew: 0C Wind Chill: -6C Wind: NNW @ 25 kts Max gust last hr: 29kts Max gust today: 30kts Pressure: 1010.1hPa (rising) Humidity: 95% Cloud: 8/8 Visibility: Moderate to poor
  17. Heavy Snow Showers Temp: 1.2C Dew: 0C Wind Chill: -4.2C Todays Max Temp: 3.3C Wind: WSW @ 18.4kts Max gust last hr: 32kts Max gust today: 41.9kts Pressure: 978.3hPa (falling) Humidity: 92% Rain: 4mm Cloud: 8/8 Visibility: Moderate to poor in showers.
  18. Breezy, cold with snow showers. Temp: 1.9C Dew: -0.6C Wind Chill: -2.5C Wind: SW @ 16.5kts Max gust last hr: 33kts Max gust today: 39kts Pressure: 979.1hPa (rising) Humidity: 83% Rain: 2.6mm
  19. Bit of a hoolie up here at the moment! Very windy with occasional wintry showers. Temp: 4.7C Dew: 2.4C Wind: W @ 33 kts Max gust last hr & today: 66kts (76mph) Pressure: 961.8hPa (falling rapidly) Rainfall today: 4.6mm Humidity: 86%
  20. Calm before the storm! Gulberwick, Shetland @ 1917 UTC Temp: 4.1C Dew: 1.3C Wind: WNW @ 1kt Rainfall today: 4mm Pressure: 990.1hPa (rising slowly) Humidity: 82%
  21. Cold, clear isolated wintry showers. Temp: 2.7C Dew: -0.7C Wind Chill: -2.7C Wind: NNW @ 14.8kts Max gust last hr: 25 kts Max gust today: 30 kts Rainfall today: 2.4mm Humidity: 80% Pressure: 1010.6hPa (rising)
  22. Merry Christmas everyone

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    2. Daniel*


      Merry Christmas haggis lover

    3. Daniel*


      retake Merry Christmas

    4. Jan


      Merry Christmas Bob X

  23. Windy with heavy sleet/hail showers. Temp: 4.2C Dew: 1.2C Wind Chill: -1.2C Wind: W @ 21 kts Max gust last hr& today: 35kts Rain today: 3.8mm Humidity: 79% Pressure: 984.5hPa (rising) Cloud: 8/8 Visibility: Moderate
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