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  1. GulberwickWeather

    Monday 5th February Weather Observations

    Dry at the moment. Current obs @ 2015 UTC Temp: 3.9C Dew: 2.1C Max: 4.4C Wind: S @ 12kts Max gust: 27kts @ 1116 UTC Pressure: 1017.6hPa Rainfall: 0.0mm
  2. GulberwickWeather

    Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion 23/04/17 onwards

    Some sleet and wet snow up here in Shetland. A dusting of lying snow on the higher ground at the moment. Temp currently 1.9C, dew 0.7C, Wind NNE @ 21 kts
  3. GulberwickWeather

    Storm Barbara - Atlantic Storm 2

    A tad breezy up here! Top gust from Barbara has been 85mph at Sella Ness (which is in the north of Shetland next to the Sullom Voe Oil Terminal). Now we await the arrival of Conor!
  4. I'm back!! lol

    1. lassie23


      welcome back, even though i've never heard of you :D

  5. Cold and breezy with frequent, heavy, blustery, wintry showers of hail, sleet and wet snow. Temp: 1.9C Dew: 0.9C Wind Chill: -4.1C Wind: W @ 10 kts Top gust: S @ 43 kts @ 0219 UTC Pressure: 1006.5 hPa (rising) Humidity: 93% Rainfall: 7.6mm Cloud: 7 oktas Visibility: Good, poor in showers.
  6. GulberwickWeather

    The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Cold here with a wintry mix of hail, sleet and wet snow.
  7. GulberwickWeather

    1st April General Weather Chat

    Sunshine and fairly heavy snow showers with a dusting of lying snow. Temp: 0.2C Dew: -1C Wind Chill: -1.4C Wind: WNW @ 7kts Max gust: NW @ 37kts Pressure: 1005.1hPa (steady) Humidity: 92% Rainfall: 0.2mm Cloud: 5 oktas Visibility: Good (moderate to poor in showers)
  8. GulberwickWeather

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Got some lying snow here...
  9. Dreich, drizzly & crap frankly.

    1. Mokidugway


      Sunny here ....

  10. GulberwickWeather

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Dreich, drizzly, p**h lol thats all I have to say.
  11. Mainly overcast and dreich with light rain or drizzle. Temp: 6.7C Dew: 5.5C Todays max: 7.1C Wind: W @ 16 kts Max gust last hr: 32 kts Max gust today: 38.3 kts Rainfall today: 0.2mm Pressure: 1025.2hPa (falling) Humidity: 92 %
  12. GulberwickWeather

    Cafe chill out - aka Banter

    Speaking of food I made curry for tea tonight. Home made chicken korma, can't beat a good ruby
  13. Snow melting away now boo!

  14. 10 cms lying snow here and still snowing.

  15. GulberwickWeather

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    10cms of lying snow here in Gulberwick, deeper in places. Currently snowing at the moment. Temp 0.5C. Dew -0.2C.
  16. Overcast. Snow showers. Temp: 0.5C Dew: -0.4C Wind Chill: -6.3C Wind: N @ 15 kts Max gust last hr: 25kts Max gust today: 27kts Pressure: 1011.7hPa (rising) Humidity: 94% Snow: 10cms Cloud: 8/8 Visibility: Moderate to poor
  17. GulberwickWeather

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Temp has now just dipped below freezing, dewpoint -1C and still snowing heavily.
  18. GulberwickWeather

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    I quite like the look of the feature brewing off the Norwegian coast and heading south-westerly: http://www.sat24.com/en/scan?ir=true
  19. Mainly bright and sunny day, now snowing heavily. Temp: 0.1C Dew: -0.9C Wind Chill: -4C Wind: NE @ 5 kts Max gust last hr: 10 kts Max gust today: 24.3 kts Pressure: 1004.5hPa Humidity: 93% Lying snow: 3cms
  20. Heavy snow here at the moment.

  21. GulberwickWeather

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Snowing heavily here now and has been for the past hour or so.
  22. GulberwickWeather

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Satpic shows snow not too far away from here now. Waiting patiently!
  23. GulberwickWeather

    Saturday 31st January General weather chat

    Heavy and prolonged snow showers this morning, sunny interval just now. Temp: 0.4C Dew: -0.3C Wind Chill: -6.7C Wind: NNW @ 17kts Pressure: 997.7hPa Humidity:95% Snow fall today 1-2 inches
  24. GulberwickWeather

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Heavy and prolonged snow showers here since about 0900 this morning. Approx 2 inches of lying snow. Temp 0C. Dew -0.6C. Wind Chill -6C.