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  1. 14 minutes ago, johnholmes said:

    Not often my rainfall is higher than you I suspect but today it is currently 40.8 mm and still tippling down, all kinds of alerts for areas close by the Don and Sheaf rivers. Thankfully well away from me even at only 48 feet.

    Yes John it is but rain has turned very heavy now as the front moves slowly South so we shall see.

  2. A new shiny thread for the new Month and the run up to Winter.... The Models are certainly showing a seasonal Autumnal new week ahead, With some cooler air pushing down from the North turning N/Ely with showers or longer spells of rain and some wintry potential for the North. But what next?

    Please keep discussion on topic and respectful in here, And where possible post charts to back up posts. There are other threads open for lighter discussion and general weather related chit/chat

    If you're wanting comment on the upcoming winter, please head to the winter speculation thread:

    For Autumn weather chat or to have a good moan or ramp, please use the Autumn thread:

    All Charts and data can be found here on Netweather:


    Ok, Onwards and upwards.. Please continue 😊

    Old thread here :


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