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  1. Persistent moderate rain here this morning, temp 6c.
  2. A very wet start here with over 20mm of rain so far since midnight, temp currently 12.1c with persistent heavy rain.
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ajBKFu0gzGE
  4. Let's keep it friendly folks, Any posts poking the fire will magically disappear..
  5. Oil range is back on here, Feels chilly with all the rain and damp air currently. I've also been sat about all day as not fit to be out even with the dogs here in the Peak District.
  6. Fired the oil range up over the weekend, turned it off last night but will probably be back on Wednesday if pressured from Mrs Maritime again...
  7. A new thread as we head into Autumn, Promising signs from the Model's for High Pressure to establish over the UK. But for how long? Please remember to keep on topic and back posts up with charts if/where possible. Thanks all, on we go.. Old thread is here:
  8. Please hold off posting, A new thread for Autumn coming up shortly 😊 Ok will be locking this thread now, New thread is here
  9. I actually shed a tear of happiness during the 2010 winter, Here it was days upon days night upon night of snowfall & blizzards where you have a job to breath air in while outside. The single track lanes were full wall to wall with drifts up to the windowsills and the longetivity was so unexpected. Dropped to -22c one night..
  10. The first dustings reported on the very highest peaks 😊

  11. The first dustings reported on the very highest peaks 😊
  12. A cold end to Summer 2020, With the first Frosts of the season for parts as we enter Autumn..
  13. It's the only philosophy given the set-up as per there tex in warnings.
  14. Lovely and fresher here tonight, A good night's sleep commences.. 

    1. matt111


      Still humid here but with added drizzle 

  15. Just woke up wow flash after flash bang after bang with heavy rain!!
  16. Meteo/BBC use a blend of GFS and ECM data only, Meto use there own Model's which are more up to date and UK based, As well as the above. It's been very noticeable since Meteo took over UKMO contract for the BBC. A shame really to what used to be good British forecasting.. And there graphics are very sporadic compared to the old version.
  17. Already feels very hot here, with hardly any wind to speak of. I can guess the Peak District will be choca block especially tomorrow so won't be going far..
  18. That require difficult
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