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  1. Nice covering of snow on the highest tops in the Highlands this morning..
  2. Worth looking North tonight for you folks, As a pretty strong Solar storm could produce some nice Aurora IF sky's are clear
  3. Yes Worth keeping a look out in the North under clear sky's tonight.
  4. This morning's GFS take on Saturdays Low. Sweeps into the Channel effecting the South Coast then runs North all the way up the East Coast to Scotland..
  5. GFS 6z take on Saturdays Low track, As always I take more notice of the morning/evening runs..
  6. GFS 18z certainly showing some wild weather for the South over the weekend, NetW-mr not making much of it atm, On we watch...
  7. Heating Oil ordered, Just had the electric heater on in the living room some evenings so far
  8. GFS showing Autumn proper into Wk2 with Low Pressure systems pushing in off the Atlantic, With a cool enough N/W flow at times to possibly see the first snowfalls of the season on the highest peaks in the Highlands..
  9. Went for a lovely 12mile walk with the dogs this morning, Autumn is really noticeable here with Berry's ripening and leaves dropping covering the paths in the woodland And light levels dropping dramatically.. Light rain since 1pm but has eased of temporarily for now looking at the Radar. Temp 12c
  10. I couldn't help but notice the extent of High Pressure over the Arctic into the later frames of the GFS.
  11. Yes it's been a good summer for farmers round here, Including myself as I've a bit of a small holding here now and all my work is outside and always had been.. But I have always said to myself 'you can always warm up, But not cool down' when working outside.
  12. GFS showing the Atlantic knocking on our doors by the end of next week, With Low Pressure systems firing across from the West on a strong Jetstream.
  13. This lot is heading my way, Hopefully something thundery will happen...
  14. Welcome to the Forum Sardinian.
  15. Lovely day just got back from a 15mile walk, clear sky's here with temp currently 26c and a nice breeze to take the edge of things.
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