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  1. Arou d 40% snow cover here remaining. Further possible snow showers pushing into the North Midlands just now.
  2. Thought i would open a new thread for 2016, Old thread is here; Conditions are/will be improving over the coming weeks after a very mild/stormy start. This was the Caingorms yesterday with full winter conditions now with wind-slab forming a good base..
  3. Back to the Models please. Some post have had to go. Thanks
  4. Light sometimes moderate snow showers here.
  5. Heavy snow here with a fresh covering already ☺
  6. Heavy snow now and a fresh covering over what little snow was left.
  7. Moderate snow here past 20 min.
  8. Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    Sounds average or just below at times with only very brief milder shots with battleground scenarios.
  9. Temp hovering around 0c here.
  10. A cold night with a hard frost over the snowfields dropping to -5.7c. Currently -4c with 100% snow cover of around 9cm.
  11. Frigid -5.1 out with everything frozen solid.
  12. Absolutely freezing out there currently -5c
  13. Temps still below freezing here with a biting wind chill.
  14. Snow showers dies out around midnight here with around 10cm cover this morning. Sunny blue sky's starting to clear. Temp -2.1c
  15. Light snow eased before midnight here. Temp currently -2.4c wind chill -6c
  16. Moderate sometimes light snow continues here, with around 6ich cover.
  17. Moderate drifting snow continues here.
  18. Heavy snow here now with the hills white out. The radar is full of snow..
  19. Nothing like March 13 here, Drifts were up the bedroom window sills then. Still a notable cold snap with some very cold temps over the next few days. Edit yes birds have been feeding well here with fat balls and corn round the house.
  20. Ground temps for and during the night.
  21. Light snow here for the past 20min around 10cm lying. The snow should hang around for a good few days with sub zero temps at night and hovering around 0 during the day for here at least. Temp -0.9c Dp -1.8c Wind chill -2.1c
  22. Snow has fizzled out here but yes agree the front will pivot West to East bringing further snowfall into the evening from early afternoon onwards. You can see this on the BBC graphics