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  1. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Persistent moderate rain for the past hour here with low cloud.
  2. Hurricane Ophelia

    Gusts around 60mph here currently. Net-Wx sr for 8pm
  3. Hurricane Ophelia

    Sky here. Turned blustery in the past half hour to.
  4. Hurricane Ophelia

    Would it be possible to post the link to the webcam Fiona.
  5. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Thick Fog here this morning with hardly a breath of wind making for a very dark morning, Still got the lights on in the living room.
  6. A dry cloudy night with thick Fog forming in the early hours, A low of 12.3c Currently: Thick Fog with little if any wind. Temp 13.4c
  7. Hurricane Ophelia

    Net-Wx hi rez
  8. Hurricane Ophelia

    Read this just from meto Peak District mountain forecast. Walking will be very strenuous with any mobility virtually impossible over exposed ground. There is a high likelihood of being blown over or taken off one’s feet, while even standing up may be impossible at times. Basic tasks such as using a map, eating, putting on extra clothing or communication become extremely difficult away from any shelter.
  9. Yes Knocker, Another potential storm for next weekend to keep an eye on, Again on a very Southerly track this time effecting the channel.
  10. Hurricane Ophelia

    Let's please keep this thread based on Ophelia, Thanks.
  11. September 23rd The End?.

    Strong winds creating sporadic micro infernos moving very fast across the ground with the odd fireball/explosion in the mix. Nothing 'dodgy' from what I can see. Also lots of wooden structures over there not brick. "Where the house.. "Where everything gone.. "Where is the forest fire" It burnt for goodness sake! She's almost insulting... She even shows a part burnt bin and calls it a 'weapon'.
  12. Autumn thoughts

    Going by the models that statement certainly rings true Pete, With only next weekend to wait for more stormy conditions as lows track to the South.
  13. Hurricane Ophelia

    Yes Pit, Coastal areas in Wales seem to be worst affected going by that model.
  14. Hurricane Ophelia

    NetW-wx Hi rez in house model this morning.
  15. Hurricane Ophelia

    Yes, Much better data now than in the 80's
  16. Hurricane Ophelia

    Latest GFS..
  17. Hurricane Ophelia

    This mornings Net-Wx MR take on Ophelia.
  18. Great post as always from Knocker above, Yes the GFS certainly shows the Atlantic powering through bringing gales even severe gales for the North next weekend, All aided by a very strong Jet running over the UK. More named storms certainly possible..
  19. Observations Of Nature Through The Seasons.

    'Voluntary restraint' on hare culls isn't working Friday 13th October 2017, 9:19am A coalition of ten environmental and outdoor organisations have repeated their appeal to the Scottish Government to introduce urgent safeguards for mountain hare populations. The group is asking for a temporary ban on all mountain hare culling on grouse moors until measures are put in place to ensure their numbers can remain at acceptable, sustainable levels. More info here: https://www.mountaineering.scot/news/voluntary-restraint-on-hare-culls-isnt-working
  20. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Lovely display in Shetland last night, Credit at bottom right of shot, Possible Kp5 forecast later.
  21. Can we please use the model banter/moan thread for general lighter discussion & chit chat/BBC forcasts please. And only use this thread for what the Model Outputs are showing, As per thread title with charts/data to back post up where possible. Many thanks, Please continue.
  22. NetWx-MR Models take on Mondays wind & temps, Continues to show a similar track of Ophelia. A nippy 6c for the Highlands.. Some stark temp variations.
  23. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Had to wait for my echoes to fade.. Very heavy rain here now for the past hour.
  24. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Heavy driving drizzle here for the past 2 hours. Like sheets moving across the hillsides.