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  1. Starting to get blustery here now, Not long until the rain arrives and we need it as the Roaches are on fire.. (Credit BBC)
  2. Polar Maritime

    Observations Of Nature Through The Seasons.

    Have purchased a wildlife camera recently so will be setting baits this Autumn/Winter and will hopefully snap some elusive critters and birds.
  3. A wet and blustery weekend to come as shown by the Net-Wx MR Model.
  4. Some interesting clouds about just now here.
  5. Let's please move on to discussing the Models, Thanks.
  6. Yes Karl, A much more organised Polar Vortex taking shape into the run.
  7. Some post have gone as off topic, Just Model output discussion please in here, There are other threads open for chat on BBC and Meto extended/forecast. Thanks please continue..
  8. I have just been out and cut a load of my Lillies for in the house as the gusty winds here today are starting to damage them. I'm looking forward to Autumn, And today is certainly a reminder of what's to come after such a long dry period.
  9. What a refreshing change!

  10. Polar Maritime

    Sunday 29th July weather observations

    Moderate sometimes heavy persistent rain with blustery winds and low cloud, Temp 12.3c.
  11. Moderate sometimes heavy persistent rain here today with blustery winds and low cloud, A much fresher temp of 12.2c.
  12. Nothing here yet not had a spot of rain, shouldn't be long now looking at the radar..
  13. Storms to the East of me just missing here with constant thunder.
  14. Currently 60% Humidity here with temp 22.3c and cloudy.
  15. Currently 22.7c here and cloudy, Very muggy today.
  16. Looks like Wales has had the 1st lightning strike in the past 15min.
  17. Polar Maritime

    Snow on the Scottish Mountains 2016/17

    Despite the current heatwave sweeping the UK, Iain Cameron still managed to spend some of his weekend hidden under drifts of snow on Ben Nevis. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/fb-5990157/amp/The-coolest-spot-Britain-Climber-makes-way-inside-ice-cave.html
  18. Thought i would open a new thread for 2016, Old thread is here; Conditions are/will be improving over the coming weeks after a very mild/stormy start. This was the Caingorms yesterday with full winter conditions now with wind-slab forming a good base..
  19. Very possible going by that chart with human input, Will be interesting how the models continue to handle the front for Friday over the next 48hr and what 'actually' happens..
  20. You can how the front could scupper temps as storms move East during Friday at peak heat time.
  21. Rainfall values untill Monday looking good especially for areas already with drought conditions, Also Cape still looking ripe for storms Friday.
  22. Polar Maritime

    What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    Great stuff from Gabrielle. Very apt for the weather..
  23. Absolutely, One or the other will do fine if not both..
  24. There's currently a 20% chance for the record to be broken & a 30% chance for temps to hit 36c according the the senior forcaster. This is all dependant on the timing/positioning of the cold front moving East bringing possible storms, Currently the models show this front over the S/E during Friday afternoon at peak heat time. We shall see, One things for sure the humidity will be v high if things pan out as model'd.