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  1. Ok let's stop the titytaty now and move on to nice friendly discussion please.
  2. Winds have really picked up here to Gale force touching 70mph with horizontal heavy rain, Wonderful.
  3. A very Merry Christmas to all members & lurkers here on NetWeather. I hope everyone enjoys there festive period
  4. The lady that lives in the caravan who runs the shop has some lovely dogs.. I think she used to show them some years ago?
  5. Great caravan site there, I stop often during the Winter as open all year round.
  6. Gale force gusts here currently with driving Rain showers, Plenty more rain strong winds to come looking at the radar with squall lines in the mix as the cooler air pushes S/E.
  7. Rain just edging in here with winds picking up, Temp 3c. A day in for me today..
  8. Heavy persistent showers rattling in from the West here now on a strong wind.
  9. The Models continue to show a cool/cold unsettled N/W PM flow into next week and beyond, With snow over high ground in the North. Some snapshots from the UKV early next week..
  10. Can we please not discuss LRF's in this thread , Just Model Outputs please.
  11. Out of interest Glacier Point is forecasting an avg winter temp wise overall, With any well below temps likely back end of Jan into Feb due to a stratt displacement. I will post the link later when I'm home as its on my other phone.
  12. Yes same here TM, Only very light but nice to see.
  13. I think we best move on to what we can actually discuss in here..
  14. No change from the last update. Avg or rather below average temps.. I've no issues whatsoever with that for the 1st month of Winter.
  15. Another chilly day here with a N/E wind, Max temp of 4.9c and currently 3.2c on the Davis.
  16. Yes blue skys here with hardly any wind to speak of today.
  17. The odd big wet snowflake here just now within the very heavy sleet.
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