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  1. Heavy snow shower here in Bempton, but not settling so far.
  2. Graupel here in Bempton, and what sounded like a distant rumble about 10 mins ago, but nothing showing on the radar, so could have been something else.
  3. mike57

    Unusual Sky

    The description fits, and it was just ahead of the cold front so was the precursor to the current cold spell. They not something I have seen before. Thanks for the info.
  4. Heavy snow shower in Bempton, whipped along by a strong wind almost horizontal past our solitary street light
  5. mike57


    Weather related pictures from our garden in Bempton, East Yorkshire
  6. Just a light covering of snow on the roofs and grass when we got up, but wind is gale force.
  7. Already a light snowfall here in Bempton, and with the ground frozen solid its settling. Road which was clear and had dried is now white over.
  8. Just been to the shop in Bridlington, temperature difference is bigger than I have ever seen before, home is showing -5 Bridlington +1, I know car thermometers are not accurate, but its the difference not the actual value. Distance is 4 miles and home is 75m higher, both locations are about 1 mile from the coast.
  9. More snow at Bempton today, I've put some pictures in the members galleries. Temperature got just above freezing at lunchtime, but no real thaw, and topped up with more showers. Showers not a long lasting as yesterday, but still heavy while they lasted.
  10. Back garden 10 mins ago, bright sun, but no sign of melting. A few more showers this morning adding to overnight and yesterday's falls
  11. I think it depends where you are, on the coast I reckon it will be about the same, but inland maybe less as the wind seems to have dropped from yesterday, also wind has shifted slightly towards the north
  12. Heavy snow showers here now, more snow overnight building on yesterdays snow. I would guess 6cm +- but its hard to tell as the wind has blown it around, so its piled up in some places and almost nothing in others. Will try and get a picture when I go for my lunchtime walk
  13. I think the issue on the coast with the set ups this year has been sea surface temperatures, it warms the air just enough to keep it above the 'snow point', further inland evaporative cooling brings the temperature back down. Some one with more knowledge may able to expand/correct
  14. In Bempton we had wet snow this morning but it didnt stick, on my lunchtime bike ride I gain another 40m up into the Wolds, and this was just enough to give a slight slushy covering in places. Very cold and wet though 3C at best, but I think what has killed it is the dewpoint as this rose above 0C this morning.
  15. Now turned to rain/sleet and dewpoint has risen, not much hope here I reckon
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