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  1. Ooooo... a day of medium-level cloud gave way to spots of sunshine here in NE38. Bizarre for an easterly in autumn :p

  2. Mild, zonal, not even a northerly toppler, first half of winter 'a hard slog'... damn it's grim on the MOD tonight!!

  3. Why is everyone so angry in the MOD? Polar maritime outbreaks within the tropical maritime setup- I'd kill for that in most modern Novembers- lol!

    1. gottolovethisweather


      Cool, must go see. Profesional forecaster (NOT!) gottolovethisweather was interpreting the outlook as just that TM/PM mix. See here - http://tinyurl.com/cqlobek and here http://tinyurl.com/d39z2h2 If it ends up that way, man I'd settle for that. Be thankful for small mercies is what I say.

    2. Eugene


      Cant see any PM outbreaks on tonights runs

    3. gottolovethisweather


      look harder. Mind you some folk think winters over before its even started. All I can offer IMHO is that it will be a mixed one. Weather will do what it wants to do.

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  4. woo hoo!! phoneshop in t minus 3 minutes :D

  5. nice to see a deep frost at -3.6c here. reminds me of last december, aaaaaahhhhh..

  6. Met office 1, Hi-res NMM 0. NMM said 4c at 11pm here, currently -0.5c :) quite weird for the nmm to do bad considering it's usually top notch. must not have picked the hp well enough...

  7. this 'will it snow' is really good!

    1. DisruptiveGust
    2. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      well done BBC for that show :D

    3. Dorsetbred


      What, it lacked substance such that as with all weather , it's a wait and see

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  8. only just turned 14 and it says i've made 2,738 posts on here. bloody hell!!!

    1. Backtrack


      5,500 here in the 3 years I've been here. :D

    2. Isolated Frost
  9. stone roses tickets...£55...bloooooooomin' bargain!

  10. Right - the squall line is about to hit Cumbria. If the pennines take it away from me, I will chop the summits and the 800 odd metres below off tonight !!! :@

  11. do you get nw extra on a htc sensation??

  12. wow - the models are shaping up nicely (weather models of course, bobbydog, oon, coast, gww... ;) )

  13. Lots and lots of posts tonight :D a sign of winter on netweather? ;)

  14. ''Have you heard, it's gonna snow next week'' NO IT BLOODY ISNT!!! Wish the British public weren't so gullible and down right stupid.

    1. Isolated Frost
    2. wimblettben


      During the Winter, maybe. But next week?

    3. jennyifer


      i really wish it was true but its a way of selling papers !

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  15. bit froasty tonight

  16. from 30C in one pocket of the nation on the 1st of October, to possible heavy snow showers on the hills on the night of the 5th :) nice little polar change for the next few days

  17. Google Chrome now tells me that I visit Netweather forums more than I do facebook, now for those that don't know how much time I spend on facebook, this is no mean feat!

    1. Daniel Miller

      Daniel Miller

      Hah.. Sitting here wishing there was a like button... :p

  18. bloomin' Pennines, could have been a day of continious heavy showers, but alas we have dull, dreary skies with occasional light rain and drizzle - cold too, 14C currently. cant wait for a settled, clear skied spell, with 15C highs under sunshine and light frosts by night :)

  19. loves Shuggee's NW Skin (beta), but cannae wait for the xmas skin! :D

    1. shuggee


      Hey - hands off! lol. Enjoy - it incorporates my favourite colour - Madder.

    2. Isolated Frost
  20. -0.4C and something is falling out of the sky at Cairngorm summit. Hmm...!

  21. Oh my - heavy, intermittent thunder and lightening ALL DAY, over 40mm of rain today alone and still lashing it down :O

    1. Somerset Squall
    2. Mesoscale


      ^ i have to agree with Squall here.

    3. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      I'll swap with whatever you guys got!

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  22. Cold and cloudy - 13C here.

  23. after 1 week in le Francais, it does feel good to be home! Boiling and beautiful here in wonderful North Durham!

  24. In one hour i'll be setting off to Dover, then on ferry to Calais, before spending a week in Normandy and Paris - Ciao NetWeather!

  25. Severe hailstorms accompanied by sunshine, dark menacing clouds, thunder and lighting!

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