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  1. Oh goodness me. Is this the tory government in which unemployment and inflation is rising, we are having strikes again and we've just had our biggest riots in 30 years! Yey! When will people realise they're all rubbish?
  2. Hi! I was just wondering if there were many good examples of arctic maritime air flooding the uk and perhaps producing hard frosts/wintry showers or snow. Basically anything from early April onwards, the later, the better Any very potent (-10c 850's perhaps) air in April/early May would also be useful- thanks.
  3. SLEET ON BEN NEVIS Crisis talks in Brussels have been interrupted this Wednesday as reports of sleet falling at Ben Nevis. Temperatures on the plateau are a siberian 2c, while in a valley in the lake district, temperatures fell to a bone-shattering 1c. 'This is all due to solar activity being lower than ever and the gulf stream being attacked by cold hairdryer winds from the arctic', said expert Piers Corbyn. 'It's a chilling reminder to all those warmists'. Temperatures may fall to 4c in Hammersmith next week, so we have set up a charity fund to help all those effected by the arctic plunge. 'This is what we now must come to expect in the new winters that this nation will face. Perhaps we will fall to 0c, a temperature widely renowned by experts as when 'Swindon freezes over'.
  4. Village- I'd research the topic before you go on telling ridiculous daily mail-type slander. Scotland will have an EU referendum, the UK let it's mp's decide, not the people. The fab tory government made sure that mps voted against and cam and co were humiliated after a record revolt! The UK is a basket of uselessness. In a way it was good we didn't have an EU vote, the average joe would have a glance at the mail/express and blames a romanian bricklayer in basildon.
  5. Sepp Blatter has said that racist remarks during football matches should be settled on the pitch. Personally I think he's crossed the line, but FIFA insist he definitely didn't. I was stopped by a policeman the other day. He said, "Do you know how fast you were going?" "I was trying to keep up with traffic," I replied He said, "There is no traffic." I answered, "That's how far behind I am."
  6. That's brilliant HP- a lovely story. Here's hoping for Sutton!
  7. Over a year since the last post! Anyway, hope all of you climate geeks and lovely mods are having a lovely autumn and would like to say thanks for the hard work on this section of the forum!
  8. Ahhh how did I miss Gateshead-Hebburn Town?! What a clash, amazing to think Hebburn town would be that close to the 1st round of the FA cup. As GS says they are very local and it would have been a very fun match to be at; I remember being around Hebburn one christmas or so a while back...
  9. So with high pressure in Alaska-Yukon, would there not be a prevalence of easterly winds in your region and a very dry winter?
  10. gets on my nerves how everyone's having 5-6c maxes, frosts, mist and fog while i'm here at 6c with a 9c max! :(

  11. Ooooo... a day of medium-level cloud gave way to spots of sunshine here in NE38. Bizarre for an easterly in autumn :p

  12. Mild, zonal, not even a northerly toppler, first half of winter 'a hard slog'... damn it's grim on the MOD tonight!!

  13. Why is everyone so angry in the MOD? Polar maritime outbreaks within the tropical maritime setup- I'd kill for that in most modern Novembers- lol!

    1. gottolovethisweather


      Cool, must go see. Profesional forecaster (NOT!) gottolovethisweather was interpreting the outlook as just that TM/PM mix. See here - http://tinyurl.com/cqlobek and here http://tinyurl.com/d39z2h2 If it ends up that way, man I'd settle for that. Be thankful for small mercies is what I say.

    2. Eugene


      Cant see any PM outbreaks on tonights runs

    3. gottolovethisweather


      look harder. Mind you some folk think winters over before its even started. All I can offer IMHO is that it will be a mixed one. Weather will do what it wants to do.

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  14. woo hoo!! phoneshop in t minus 3 minutes :D

  15. Yes, high pressure moving steadily southwards and that trough should move into the Ukraine and Turkey to give a pulse of cold air into the balkans. Hopefully we could lock in some cold air throughout the rest of the month. First arctic blast to hit scandi as that pv is disjointed by sunday/monday so will be interesting to view!
  16. I think this is a good topic to get a rebirth and I've got some charts courtesy of Koln University that might prove of some relevance as we track temperatures on the continent. It gives isotherms, isobars and significant weather and is quite a nice little plaything that updates 6 hours every day. Remember to read the key at the bottom and enjoy
  17. I have a mate who has seen every episode of Top Gear 137 times. Dave. Sickipedia.
  18. nice to see a deep frost at -3.6c here. reminds me of last december, aaaaaahhhhh..

  19. Met office 1, Hi-res NMM 0. NMM said 4c at 11pm here, currently -0.5c :) quite weird for the nmm to do bad considering it's usually top notch. must not have picked the hp well enough...

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