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  1. I don't remember frosty cool Bonfire nights - maybe the odd cooler one but mostly mild and dry. Halloween is a windy affair usually - nor mild or cool - very halloweeny! Last halloween we had winds blowing in from the N Sea due to lp system being placed in s England - so we got a low cloud affair, which made everything appear foggy and brilliant for Halloween.
  2. Google Chrome now tells me that I visit Netweather forums more than I do facebook, now for those that don't know how much time I spend on facebook, this is no mean feat!

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      Daniel Miller

      Hah.. Sitting here wishing there was a like button... :p

  3. Yep agreed - hopefully Greenland can link up with the Azores region, but Greenland is not currently playing ball, could be a lot more different come this time next month.
  4. But we haven't actually saw any blocked atlantic synoptics, just long-range forecasts. Even during the proposed settled spell with HP to the SE, the jet stream remains in N Atlantic vacancy with lows moving SSE/SE to NNW/NW, skirting north of Scotland. We need lowering pressure in Scandinavia, higher pressure in the Atlantic and Greenland/Iceland, aswell as lower pressure on the continent. Quite unlikely right now. Any settled weather will bring warm uppers, and little snow risk, so cool weather is unlikely for now, especially as HP moves further east into the continent while we get a warm, humid southerly flow instead of a clearer flow with HP in the N Sea/N France. Ideally, the HP moves towards Russia - the Azores high effectively sinks and extratropical cyclones from the jet move towards Scandi and stall under cooler Arctic air around there - and with that, strengthening heights over Greenland, ridging towards the mid-Atlantic, and the Arctic air gets pumped down towards us. Though, that will take a while probably, and I can't see many signals for that, at least in early-mid October. Best hope now is that pressure rises from the Azores again, and something moves north or north-west - low pressure continues north of Scotland, and with higher pressure in Greenland, pulling in a pM flow and some wintry showers in the North and West really. I start to look for cold usually around halloween, GMT switch, bonfire night area - that's when lowland areas can realistically get snow. After the hp moves away in late September/early October - I'll start watching for mountain/hill snow in the UK.
  5. Just joking mate! Interesting to see when that -5C line hits us. If it were to be October you would need some decent Northern blocking, ridging to the west and lp systems steering to the east, and usually n blocking is greenland high in October/November. That's how we can tap into early cold. Northern England, Scotland and in particular the Shetlands managed snow on the 20th or 21st. Aberdeen recorded early morning snow aswell. Southern England managed early snow due to this setup, Atlantic blocked, lp to north east, troughs in continental europe - brilliant snowy setup for October.
  6. You could have credited me, mate haha.
  7. bloomin' Pennines, could have been a day of continious heavy showers, but alas we have dull, dreary skies with occasional light rain and drizzle - cold too, 14C currently. cant wait for a settled, clear skied spell, with 15C highs under sunshine and light frosts by night :)

  8. Liking the cool anomaly towards the west of the UK and loving the warmth of the baltic and north seas. North easterlies please?!
  9. Last December was too good to be true up here in Tyne + Wear: The first fall on 24th November, good few cm's on the ground by morning, magical feeling That great big finger that deposited absolutely loads on the 26th (27th?) night-time, I remember it beginning here at 9pm and getting something like 15cm of it, it was crazy big snow, massive flakes Thundersnow of 29th (30th), I remember that clearly, it was a beautiful day full of snowfall and then at night I recall looking frantically to see if school was going to be closed the following day, and then I saw the snow begin, it was shockingly frantic, and then the thunder of the night aswell, best event by far I remember a very heavy fall inbetween this period (1st December I think) as I was at school and by about 1:30 it began hammering it in time, just in time for the evil scouse physics lesson (made it bearable for once!), really heavy snow But the highlight of the spell was the 3rd of December, a Friday morning, I was off school due to snow, and here in Picktree, 8 miles from the coast we fell to a record low, bone shattering -12.2C, which for being at the verge of the coast is fantastic, and the little matter of 42cm of snow on the ground - crystal blue skies, immense And then on the 16th I remember the temperature falling from 7C to 1C in 15 minutes and suddenly it started to hammer it down with more snow, I remember a few other glances of snow between this day and xmas day, but here is a stat one shouldn't forget, parts of County Durham had Ice Days from the 17th of December till the 26th. Durham Observatory fell to -10.4C on the 21st and recorded various -5C lows aswell, we had a couple inches of snow on the ground on the day itself, one where high pressure and a slight nnw breeze sheltered us from snow, but I think I got a small shower in the morning Oh yeah, and it was the coldest christmas day recorded in many, many years here, I will never forget when some first snowflakes fell on the evening of the 24th November, and no one will ever forget what came after...
  10. loves Shuggee's NW Skin (beta), but cannae wait for the xmas skin! :D

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      Hey - hands off! lol. Enjoy - it incorporates my favourite colour - Madder.

    2. Isolated Frost
  11. Ballater, in Western Aberdeenshire managed 88cm or more of snow in 2010-11's winter - I'd imagine Braemar similar.
  12. I'd imagine some of it did - probably most, but W'lies can reach Falkirk after smashing the central belt aswell - perfect snow position.
  13. -0.4C and something is falling out of the sky at Cairngorm summit. Hmm...!

  14. Had 42cm here by the River Wear on the 3rd of December last year.
  15. Earliest falling: 29 October 2010 Latest falling: 5 April 2008 Earliest lying: 24 November 2010 Latest lying: 6 April 2008 Warmest temp.: 4C
  16. OH YES! February 2nd 2009, I think it was transfer deadline day and there was the Arshavin story, I remember having snowball fights and going in every few minutes to check what's happening - roughly 15cm (6inch.) of snow lying. December 18th - 21st 2009, heavy intermittent snow showers again, and finally a possibility of a white christmas was on the cards - my first one! I remember being there on the first night, going out with my mate to the village shops and then visibility fading, the ground was covered in white gold - lamppost watching galore. 15cm of snow, slowly melting by Xmas. New Years Eve and Day 2009/2010, NE hit by showers unlike anywhere else in the nation - 3 inches of morning snow to start the decade. 24 November 2010 - Brilliant! After snow ramping on the regionals for a week, on the cold, dark evening of 24.11.11, some snow showers began in Washington, they became heavier and more persistant, and eventually led to one of the greatest snow spells in history - between November 24th and December 3rd, over 50cm of snow fell in Wearside, as at the end of it all, 42cm of snow, and -12C on the Durham Riviera woke me up on Sunday the 3rd. Christmas 2010 - What a nice little spell this was, roughly a week before christmas, after some 'mildish' (5-10C) weather melted the snow, it came back at the perfect time, and luckily enough 10cm was lying on the day itself. Hot chocolate, -8C and a brisk Northerly, accompanied by some little prezzies, what's better?! Bear in mind I'm only 13, so I won't have many events in there - and it's quite late 2000's heavy, but I can't recall much prestigious in the NE between 1997 and 2008 tbf
  17. Oh my - heavy, intermittent thunder and lightening ALL DAY, over 40mm of rain today alone and still lashing it down :O

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      ^ i have to agree with Squall here.

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      Isolated Frost

      I'll swap with whatever you guys got!

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  18. Cold and cloudy - 13C here.

  19. after 1 week in le Francais, it does feel good to be home! Boiling and beautiful here in wonderful North Durham!

  20. In one hour i'll be setting off to Dover, then on ferry to Calais, before spending a week in Normandy and Paris - Ciao NetWeather!

  21. Severe hailstorms accompanied by sunshine, dark menacing clouds, thunder and lighting!

  22. Wow - amazing depths, and infact amazing to see such persistant snow late on - thank you Mr. D!
  23. 24C and rising =D

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      Get your sensor out of the sun.


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      haha at least i have sun :p

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      ....... touche.

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