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  1. BBC show temps of 7-8 next friday. Ummm what happend to the cold end to next week and the Easterly?? Cant even remember the last good easterly...oh yes I can..........1991!!!
  2. My ignore list on model output thread is massive. Think only N.Sussex, S.Murr & TEITS should be able to post!!

    1. Bottesford


      That wouldn't make for a very interesting discussion though would it? Besides we have many other knowledgeable posters here.

  3. I remember the actual heat wave begining of November last year......then what happend.
  4. God help the moderators this autum and winter!!!!

    1. coldfingers


      Haha, looks like it could be an interesting Autumn and Winter is always interesting to me.

  5. Back for the start of autum

  6. When does winter start, looking forward to some snow..oh its finished.

  7. What boring start to 2011. Weather is terrible for mild and cold!

  8. What sort of summer are you looking for, mild and wet?

  9. Winter Is Over

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    2. weathe20


      Well Feb is nearly gone, so disappointing for me as a coldie. Shotski what you on about you idiot?

    3. Ja23


      you calling me a troll f u ck you

    4. Ja23


      shotski I said FUC_K U

  10. Snowingman - the man who has never posted a chart to back up his posts. I suppose you will be wanting a cold summer going by how you love a mild winter?

  11. When you post your next update, add some charts so you can prove you have no idea.

  12. -67 now, hopefully at 100 you will get banned.

  13. Will Jan end up just damp and Feb the same, or will winter end with a bang!

  14. Repeat: Do you look at the models before posting on the model thread, or you just continually on a wind up and misleading members???

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