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  1. The cell thats popped up due south of me, over Retford looks impressive. Can see the top of that one towering massively. Theres also a second one bubbling up to the west of it.
  2. Got rolling thunder constantly at the moment, and the rain has just started...
  3. Had a fantastic crack of lightning and thunder almost simultaneously about 20 minutes ago just outside Doncaster.
  4. Reports of a possible Tornado at Rockingham this afternoon...
  5. Absolutely throwing it down with T&L in DN7 (North East Doncaster) at the moment. Came from nowhere.
  6. Absolutely slinging it down in this part of South Yorkshire (Hatfield), right now.. Beginning to wish I'd stayed in the US..
  7. Just had an absolute torrent of rain here, with some lovely deep rumbles of thunder. If I hadn't had a skinful yesterday, I'd be sat in a field somewhere watching this one.
  8. It feels very muggy and very 'staticy' at the moment. When this storm bangs, its going to be big.
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