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  1. Heavy cells just passed up the West side of Brum and up into Staffordshire
  2. I know what you mean Gord..........i just didn`t what to say Greater Birmingham...worth keeping an eye on though
  3. Cell to the West of Brum....heading through the Black Country.....not breaking any caps atm
  4. Popping up and fizzling out as we speak....might get a few cells before a hellish trip to the airport
  5. The trip to B`ham airport to pick my brother up, arriving at 16 .50 from Amsterdam will be interesting
  6. Tomorrow my Brother is flying in from Holland ..which means that i`ve got to come back to Earth( with the mortals) for a few weeks....... = end of my NLC season It`s been fun and i`m sure we will try again next year.....Were we`ll learn even more Cheers all
  7. Great to feel a positive vibe in here....a few photos from this morning....using bulb release method
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