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  1. Thunder heard in Birmingham......think from a cell just to the SW of the city
  2. Strke to the East of the city earlier....lots of convection apparent
  3. A few sharp showers arriving from the WNW into our area.....maybe a chance later on
  4. mmm...Acording to Birmingham updates on Facebook there was some thunder heard in the city centre.....nowt seen or heard here....most likely our Dustmen cashing in on the extra overtime Still !0 mins of fun
  5. Squally rain approaching Birmingham
  6. Kind of typical....2nd storm this year both in Halesowen and both without my cameras Not complaining thought and looking at the radar a big release of Brummies from the NSC
  7. No Storms Club 2017 Season

    Caught an April storm ( 2 flashes and some hail), down near Halesowen which has kept me out of the NSC........but as a Brummie I do feel like applying under exceptional circumstances although for the next few weeks I`m back in Halesowen so i`ll wait and see
  8. No1 Technosurus im affraid.....dont even possess a phone having seen some of the photos from this years storms i can see its the way forward and will only improve
  9. thats the best camera way to capture day time storms......but from experience...it`s a bit of a `canon killer` Fair play for trying......and very rewarding if you do catch anything
  10. Back end of that cell @DiagonalRedLine .....Looked good for a couple of mins.....worth keeping an eye on that baby as it travels to the E
  11. Nice...But the last couple of runs are showing shreading of the Purple
  12. Heavy rain overhead now...and intensyfication on the radar
  13. A few cells coming up from the SW ....If they can hold their intensity...May produce