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  1. Suprise, but very welcome catch this morning 2.35 am very low to the NW 88mm 5" @ f 6.3 iso 250
  2. Yes Rob...i think if this was June... i would feel confident to forecast a good display this evening/ morning However..with a regressing mass and with a few more Sun spots showing up this week..we can only hope that this configuration has held in its 3 day migration Mind you something woke up the Baltic radar this morning on a personel note it would be a first for me... to capture an August NLC Lets hope that there is enough gaps in the clouds this evening / morning
  3. Latest AIM for 27-07-2020...Nowt really at the 3 dayout position to get excited about ....but there looks to be a clear night/morning ahead This was from Monday nights of the 1st half no show...and for Tuesday morning late 2nd half display...to tell the whole story we will have to wait until the individual orbit strip images are released by Nasa..which is normally 5 days after the full AIM image is released AIM - Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere - CIPS Instrument LASP.COLORADO.EDU these will be useful...because they show the time at which they were taken @mushymanrob i`ll reply later with some thoughts
  4. Latest AIM for 26-07-2020...Interesting to see on this AIM at the 1 'dayout' position...which having migrated around from the 2 'dayout' position....is still very much in position to tell the story of yesterdays early morning observations
  5. Latest AIM for 25-07-2020. .Bonus catch this morning which shows up well at the 2 'dayout' on this AIM Rob "btw... what did you use to photograph them? what settings?" 28mm - 90mm 2" @ f 7.1 iso 200 -640 for the images Keep an eye on the Eoro Cams for sign`s of a low display for Evening/ Morning chances
  6. Story of the season... late 2nd half display partially clouded over Bright display moving from NNE to NNW 3 am - 4 am.... up to 10°
  7. I`ve not seen any yet... Rob I`m hoping for a second half peformance
  8. Facebook Niclas Poul Krog 12 mins Very strong and beatifull display of NCL clouds in midsweden now
  9. Latest Aim for 24-07-2020....Clear night forecast...so worth keeping an eye on the European webcams fo sightings....the regressing mass makes it imposible to forecast using the AIM`s..... but i`ll settle for a clear night..and maybe a low level display
  10. From yesterdays rumbles....screenshot of strike to the NE of Brum
  11. More rumbles now coming in from the Black Country and plenty of convection
  12. Agreed Rob...its looking like the cloud mass has started it`s regression...there`s always hope of one final display but in reality, I`m fearing the worst for the remainder of the season
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