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  1. yes........nice to see some convection over Barr Beacon again
  2. rainbow 026.jpg

  3. One more photo oppertunity coming up for us.... looking at the radar
  4. view from Exeter atm https://www.insecam.org/en/view/571013/
  5. Big blob moving into Brum from the East
  6. Some nice skies around today Here`s a time lapse of this afternoons post-dusk Anvil on our Northern horizon anvil.mpeg
  7. Thunder heard in Birmingham......think from a cell just to the SW of the city
  8. Strke to the East of the city earlier....lots of convection apparent
  9. A few sharp showers arriving from the WNW into our area.....maybe a chance later on
  10. mmm...Acording to Birmingham updates on Facebook there was some thunder heard in the city centre.....nowt seen or heard here....most likely our Dustmen cashing in on the extra overtime Still !0 mins of fun