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  1. The SW will be a bust, London and the South East will light up tonight, seen it before and not surprised!!
  2. Now the rain has passed the cloud base has a very unsettled appearance about it, is anyone else seeing this?
  3. I drove through a small shower at Chessington this afternoon, my car is now covered in fine orange dust
  4. His pic earlier suggested M20 around Aylesford or Maidstone, if so I'm, directly in line to the North East for later
  5. Watch out for that Frencie, once it hits our southern coast it may well explode, and it's all going to be happening with your name all over it
  6. Evening all, tonight looks to be developing into something juicy for Kent and Essex
  7. The storm heading S/W from Chelmsford looks a real monster, it's split into 2 distinct cells. This could be interesting!
  8. I can see it as well, it's a thing of beauty but camera won't show that yet
  9. So is a 15' carbon beach casting rod, that's why I stayed at home today
  10. Yeah I've been watching that for the last 20 minutes, I'm wondering if we're going to get a fresh storm from our south east
  11. Continuous lightning to my West, anyone in the Thurrock area is getting a great light show
  12. Frequent IC lightning at least 10 miles to my SSE, at least 10 strikes per minute, no thunder heard yet
  13. I won't be in Basildon as I'm off driving around the south and east, be sure to give any reports if anything happens. Also could you edit your profile to include your location, it helps a lot! Thanks
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