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  1. Just 3 strikes, quite elevated and now fizzled out, at least it's a start!!
  2. Thunderstorm in Basildon right now
  3. Goodnight all, I have to get up early for work. I hope you all get what you're looking for over the coming hours. Stay safe and get your pets in!
  4. M25's a car park, sorry no heat generated there!!
  5. I've not seen a warning like this!! http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings/#?tab=warnings&regionName=ee&fcTime=1473980400 An area of torrential, thundery rain is expected to develop across the region during early Friday morning bringing the potential for exceptionally large amounts of rain within a few hours. Frequent lightning and hail may be additional hazards. Whilst there remains some uncertainty about developments and areas affected, there could be major disruption. Please be prepared for the potential for very severe weather conditions bringing flash flooding and disruption to transport. A cold front approaching moist, unstable air is expected to generate a line of exceptionally heavy, thundery rain. Possible sustained hourly rates of more than 30 mm could result in totals of more than 100 mm in 3-4 hours. Particularly in urban areas, this could lead to flooding of properties and businesses and major disruption to transport.
  6. P.S. I did an experiment 25 years ago with my Amateur radio equipment. Back then I only had local press and TV news to confirm my findings, plus other radio operators. 20 Miles was about the max distance for a portable radio!
  7. 20 miles if you tune to a blank frequency with no broadcast carrier signal. If you tune to a weak station you can hear strikes from where it's transmitting from, so best tune to a blank spot for local accuracy.
  8. Gonna stick my neck out now and predict the hotspot for tonight will be within a triangle from Maidstone to Chelmsford and West to Oxford, don't ask me why, just intuition!!
  9. My fish pond could do with a few inches of rainfall, tap water just isn't the best idea!
  10. Until now Essex has been dry as a bone!!
  11. Don't forget your MW radios peeps, there's a lot of strikes not shown on lightning detectors online, your average MW radio will detect local strikes up to 20 miles away. Just tune to a weak station and listen!! After a while you can also tell the difference between CG and IC strikes, CG's sound like a sudden crack and IC's crackle!!!
  12. It appears he may have left the building
  13. Cumulonimbus, classic storm cloud and your shot captures the Anvil (so called because of its shape) as it spreads outwards at the top, superb!