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  1. I can't be asked to watch since Lewis Hamilton went all political. On a plus side it looks like the Belgium storm may make landfall in Suffolk, Bournemouth seems to be within a storm shield so no banana
  2. It looks like Ipswich and points north might get hit if that Belgium storm survives the channel crossing
  3. Nothing unusual there, it's mostly C-G strikes that get recorded, intra cloud or sheet lightning doesn't always show
  4. I'm seeing that too, I'm hoping that mess heading up from Brighton makes a contribution
  5. The SW will be a bust, London and the South East will light up tonight, seen it before and not surprised!!
  6. Now the rain has passed the cloud base has a very unsettled appearance about it, is anyone else seeing this?
  7. I drove through a small shower at Chessington this afternoon, my car is now covered in fine orange dust
  8. His pic earlier suggested M20 around Aylesford or Maidstone, if so I'm, directly in line to the North East for later
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