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  1. I won't be in Basildon as I'm off driving around the south and east, be sure to give any reports if anything happens. Also could you edit your profile to include your location, it helps a lot! Thanks
  2. My wife thinks I'm weird but when it does happen she enjoys a good bang!!!
  3. I think some people should accept they may not see a storm tomorrow. It's always been the case that a Thames Streamer or Kent clipper has happened that it was basically an import. Our weather is so dynamic that forecasting is not always an exact science, coupled with the fact that London acts as an UHI then anything is possible and may become a breeding ground for all points north For tomorrow I wouldn't be placing the emphasis on the south east but more to the north and west of the severe risk area, it's just a gut feeling!!
  4. Game on!! Tomorrow I'm driving from Basildon to Aylesford in Kent, then to Chessington, then Littlehampton then back to Basildon. If I don't see a flash during that time I'll be a tad disappointed!
  5. Shame I was on the M25 as I would have got a pic. Truly stunning!!
  6. Evening all, I saw an identical example of these clouds over Surrey this afternoon. I thought it to be a good indicator of instability and here I am catching up on hundreds of posts! http://earthsky.org/earth/kelvin-helmholzt-clouds
  7. Huge drops of rain just fell, came from nowhere!!
  8. Maybe they don't have the bandwidth to stream to all users, it only happens during peak periods such as we have today
  9. Is anyone having problems with raintoday? I keep getting errors on phone and PC, something to do with Google maps not loading properly.
  10. 2 strikes within 500 metres of my house and another half dozen within a mile, I can still hear the storm rumbling as it moves off to my N/E Edit: Should that be yards and miles or metres and kilometres
  11. Wow!!!! Basildon just lit up, I've not heard thunder this loud in years!! CG's all over and very heavy vertical rain
  12. Hi Sentinel and welcome to the group. I'm keeping an eye on this webcam as anything hitting Brighton is likely to have our name on it. https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/united-kingdom/england/brighton/brighton.html
  13. Just 3 strikes, quite elevated and now fizzled out, at least it's a start!!