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  1. 3 hours ago, bigsnow said:

    Hi all hope you are all enjoying the weather.. the wife has found a house in a village called Leadhills. Looking into it and I think it might be worth a look. Could be fun for winter time. Anybody here near that area and know what it's like.

    Nearby skiing if you're into rough n tumble!? Lots of examples of the Leadhills webcam featuring snow in this thread during the winter.

  2. 5 hours ago, CatchMyDrift said:

    It's a decent start in the far south-east but it is cool in the breeze:


    Summer isn't coming any time soon if the charts are correct, still plenty of time for some heat and thunderstorms.

    @shuggee, if you haven't watched it yet watch Chernobyl on Sky. It is very gripping, morbidly fascinating at times, even if it is a dramatisation of real events. 

    Oh yes. Have been gripped for the five weeks. 9.7 on IMDB - highest recorded. Truly harrowing, depressing, just awful. The music used for the reactor in the first two episodes is astonishing.

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