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  1. Good stuff. Interesting that the media were reporting a government 'rethink' yesterday on their Coastguard closure proposals...

    Although, quite why the Coastguard service in Scotland isn't devolved to the Scottish Parliament, and is still a Westminster decision, is a bit odd.

  2. The roll of distant thunder breaks, the afternoon of silence wakes
    They hurry through from Petergate as if they know this dance
    In fury blind, I drive at night across the moors, the open roads
    Beneath the freezing starry skies, racing in some trance
    These cities are illusions of some triumph over Nature's laws
    We've seen the iron carcass rust and buildings topple into dust
    And as the waters rise, it seems we cling to all the rootless things
    The Christian lies, technology, while spirits scream and sing
    Oh God I love the world

    Well I never said I was a clever man but I know enough to understand
    That the endless leaps and forward plans will someday have to cease
    You blind yourselves with comfort lies like lightning never strikes you twice
    And we laugh at your amazed surprise as the Ark begins to sink
    This temple that is built so well to separate us from ourselves
    Is a power grown beyond control, a will without a face
    And watching from outside I wish that I could wash my hands of this
    But we are locked together here, this bittersweet embrace
    Oh God I love the world

    And if one day the final fire explodes across the whitened sky
    I know you've said you'd rather die and make it over fast
    With courage from your bravest friends, waiting outside for the end
    With no bitterness but an innocence that I can't seem to grasp
    I know somehow I will survive - this fury just to stay alive
    So drunk with sickness, weak with pain, I can walk the hills one last time
    Scarred and smiling, dying slow, I'll scream to no one left at all
    I told you so, I told you so, I told you so . .
    Oh God I love the world


  3. After today the nicotine will be out of your system. A pal of mine who had smoked up to forty a day since he was 14 gave up as his wife was expecting - and the thought that kept him off the ciggies was that he never wanted to have go through the first week of giving-up ever again. Good one to remember Chris!

  4. What a marvellous weekend. It ranks up there with the time I took a friend (a girl) to A&E after she fell off a table in the pub through drunken dancing. I was shunned by all the staff - at first it being a complete mystery - and then it turned out they all thought I had been beating her! Their attitude totally changed within minutes of being told the truth and we were sent on our merry way.

    Time off work piccy?

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