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  1. Twenty eighth air frost at -0.1C around 10pm last night. Temps bounced along toward 1C all night and now up to 4c as the wind has picked-up and light rain around.
  2. Twenty seventh air frost overnight at - 1.0°C. Fair covering of white powder and a beautiful dawn at first light pinky bluey. Quiet cold day in Edinburgh.
  3. I'll join in! Down to -0.3C overnight. Lovely drive in.
  4. First air frost since 12 Feb tonight. Currently 0.0°C and modest snow cover. Twenty sixth this season.
  5. Was snowing at home at 6.30am but never really stuck until further north/east past Blyth Bridge. Understand it's still green at home now - too far south and west it seems.... Pah.
  6. Lovely walk up by Tala this afternoon. 2.5C on the car themometer. Good luck @mardatha And finally - that's one hell of a first day of spring:
  7. Thundersnow. Marvellous. Two lightning strikes and cracks of thunder while snow was mental. Wondered what on earth was going on!
  8. Took the little fella out to our favourite spot and I think this is the moment the wet baws said yes!
  9. Hail, graupel, snow grains, big flakes. The lot. 1.6/1.1°C. Haven't had a really sustained burst so still mainly green at my height but looking over the Tweed it's white at 300m+. Here we go again.
  10. 210mm here. First time I've looked at SEPA data. Cheers Catch/101_North
  11. The Tweed valley in front of my home has flooded five times since we moved here in July 2017. Three of those five times has been in the last two weeks. From 3am tomorrow for seven whole days, my temps only range between -2C and a few hours of 3C on one day forecast. Sleety mix it is.
  12. Snow for 20miles on the drive home, from top of Penicuik. Quite thick in places and barrelling down just now at home. Mesmerising.
  13. Fair amount of the white stuff above 200m this morning. Driving fine if a bit slushy in places. Still lots of flooding, and one of the worst sections of the A701 above Skirling has an enormous pot hole in the middle of a long stretch of flooding that took out the whole wheel of a car. Temporary traffic lights installed... Quite a bow wave at 15mph!
  14. I'm working late in Edinburgh and the snow is on at home - white-over apparently. Drive home might be interesting as looking at the radar there's a fair old blob still to pass over.... shuggee worry index at 5.4
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