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  1. Well various models have my location getting 8-16cms from 19h00 tomorrow. I wonder if it'll be enough to squeeze my seasonal snow day count into double figures. I'm almost smelling anticipation...!
  2. *wakes up from warmth-induced slumber* Next week looks interesting....
  3. 6°C over the Beef Tubs this afternoon. Pouring rain followed by dry n bright. We should cheer up though because T+240 is T+216 tomorrow
  4. Lovely spring like lunchtime in Peebles. Sun splitting the sky. Is it April already?
  5. Two chickens missing - fox suspected. *sob*

    1. Snowycat


      Although we had a fox earlier in the winter, not seen it around here for a while now.  I live on the edge of woodland/300 acre farm.  We have badgers and some deer and a two male pheasants called Sparky and Pierre.  In fact just come in from the cat pen and did hear some real strange noises coming from the woodland.  It wasn't badger noises and wasn't the usual deer barking....spooky 😳😱.  Lassy - one of our foster kittens after being rehomed was attacked by a badger (was witnessed) and unfortunately had to have her back leg amputated as a result. 

    2. lassie23


      i never knew badgers attacked cats

    3. Snowycat


      I know, it shocked me also but it is the second time I've come across it.  A local lady had her elderly cat attacked by a badger too.  I used to have the badgers in my garden and one did investigate the cat flap once but as they do so much damage digging everything up I served them an ASBO although they do try and dig under the top fence every so often.  They're proper vandals 😂😂

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  6. 2.4/1°C and we've had some "sleetyness" so far.... Not holding my breath.
  7. Has the UK Meto ever been the first to use the list of named storms? It seems like it's our pals in Ireland or even Portugal that seem to actually want to use the system....
  8. Conversation just now about our Friday delivery of coal and peat. I said I was sure we had ordered kindling as well but I hadn't noticed it... Went outside and lo and behold it is there - in white polyethylene bags which had been camouflaged by the snow!
  9. Snow has cleared-through now, leaving 4cm. Drip drip drip has begun +0.9/0°C
  10. Easily the coldest night of the wInter so far at -8.3°C. Varying degrees of heavy snow since 9am...
  11. Snow finally reached here. Good ten minutes of steady snow back to heavy snizzle now. Not bad.
  12. -3.1°C at 13h00. Quite the cold spell.

  13. . A Mediterranean -3C here on the hill. Mysteriously cloudy mind.
  14. Coldest reading in the car at Lamancha/Leadburn -10.5C coming into town. It's even -6C in north Edinburgh just now with the freezing fog just descending.
  15. Wee bit snowy in South Lanarkshire just now on the drive home. Fluttering down in Biggar with much excitement in the co-op.
  16. -6.5C driving in. No snow by us but sparkly! A week of a few surprises coming-up me thinks.
  17. Couple more charts showing it is fair game anywhere across the country. Tues am particularly, looks tasty for the central belt including Glasgow city...
  18. Agreed that the week ahead is easily the most interesting of the winter so far. Looking over Lothian those opportunities for lowland snow all have -7°C uppers, so it's a definite possibility inside the A720 city bypass....
  19. Blimey @ciel that's a cracking shot! +1.2°C now and snow melty.
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