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  1. Had a double cone with jaffa orange and vanilla ice cream in the sunshine in Peebles earlier. Almost felt like summer.

  2. Wet overnight, damp morning. Sun now coming out and quite humid.
  3. Nearby skiing if you're into rough n tumble!? Lots of examples of the Leadhills webcam featuring snow in this thread during the winter.
  4. Today has been mostly still. Sun earlier. Now cloudy and rain not far away.
  5. Midgetastic. Swarms of the buggers. Arms could be read like braille.

    1. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      When I was living in Barrhill, I suffered badly from prickly heat rash along with midges bites.  The only thing thing that alleviate the  midge bites was Calamine lotion.

  6. Ticks are the Devil's work for sure. Awful. Cloud. Rain. Cloud. Quite warm. Meh
  7. Unexpected frontal rain now cloudy. (Did I mis-hear/not pay attention to the forecast?)
  8. Michael Fish has tweeted 34.2°C at Twickenham.
  9. Had two active developing storms pass eight miles west of me and that very intense one passing over Gala now miss me by eight miles to the east. Electricity went off briefly, but just near misses to report so far.
  10. Same here Ceitidh. The only moisture is the sweat dripping off my nose as I strim the bloody garden!
  11. Two consecutive large cells. CG lightning and biblical rain. Marvelous. Edinburgh not known for the electrical fun.
  12. Thunder in north Edinburgh - huge cell about to pass west of the city over the airport. Too foggy to see any lightning though. Dreich.
  13. To the western Borders mardatha: early evening yesterday. Stunning! Finn is growing up fast....
  14. A surplus of children in Peebles today saw lorries taking infants to locations elsewhere in the Borders. Lovely day for the Beltane carry-on....
  15. Saturday evening walking the puppy: Ended up quite a decent day. Sunday AM much the same and then heavy rain Sunday from 1pm. 12 miles away in Peebles was however much more pleasant...
  16. 5.0C on the car display in torrential driving rain round the Pentlands this morning at 7am. Loving summer
  17. Oh yes. Have been gripped for the five weeks. 9.7 on IMDB - highest recorded. Truly harrowing, depressing, just awful. The music used for the reactor in the first two episodes is astonishing.
  18. I'm going to run out of box sets at this rate....
  19. Much better day than was promised on some forecast sites/phones. 17.7°C which we haven't reached for a while. Greenhouse window open. Heavy rain from 4pm....
  20. Here's Finn looking north to the brightness and even blue sky Edinburgh way this evening - with a pang of jealousy. High in the forrest on the road out of Skirling.
  21. Chilly night at -0.2C. Hope my wee flowering plants aren't affected too much - only did the hanging baskets on Sunday.
  22. 27 hours of varying degrees of rain now passed, and the sun is oot. Very gusty earlier - much more so than forecast.
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