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  1. The activist over on the other thread are really going for Judith Curry now, she's the equivalent of the anti Christ for them and must be exorcised at all cost. Funny how they are all up in arms when sceptics have a go at the likes of Mann and Hansen and cite them as being untouchable as they are honest scientist, yet here they are doing a number on what they see as a rogue agent.
  2. Wise words Nick, but do drug addicts wait around for their next fix. I think a wintry spell for some looks pretty nailed, now where that some will be could range from the bulk of the UK to the far NE of the country. What intrigues me is how we are seeing each attack from the West sliding further and further under the block, is it only a matter of time before we see a fully fledged easterly?
  3. It looks like the knives are out in AGW blogger land as that unbiased and highly imaginative site Tamino sets it sights on Judith Curry. Now who would you believe a respected and open minded climate scientist or a political motivated blogger?
  4. Excellent post and great to see you posting again on a regular basis TEITS, as usual it's informative for both newcomers and old hands alike. Hope your keeping well.
  5. I'm slowly coming around to the fact we maybe looking at a pattern change to something colder next week, it does look messy though with quite a mixture of rain, sleet and snow. I'm not so sure on the MetO medium term forecast as I feel they are underplaying the potential for cold and snow in the 7-15 day timescale, a few more positives over these last 48 hours for cold now we just need to see these at +72 hours.
  6. Snow, Sleet, Hail, Rain and Lightning here, none of this was forecasted for lower levels today, current temp 3.2c.
  7. they disprove of any dissenting voice regardless of their expertise in climate science, and yet approve of all non scientific findings by the like of the WWF and Greenpeace.
  8. No us up North, as we have to endure copious amounts of rain year after year season after season.
  9. All pay homage to the rains, again! Yes Feb91 us northerners view rain as part and parcel of everyday life so having to discuss potential rains in the MOD thread is a little taxing to say the least.
  10. Ibdeed Steve, I think I was a tad careless with my choice of words.
  11. But we don't care about most people in Britain as this is a weather forum and most on here in winter do care about cold and snow.
  12. But Keith in order to get tons more funding the lie has to continue, hence the big news regarding the heat in Oz being down to AGW when the record books show the same weather patterns from yesteryear. Remember the amount of jobs created by this runs into the millions, and like any addiction you'll see lies and deception continuing so that it can feed the habit.
  13. Indeed, forget looking East anything cold and wintry appears to my eyes to be heading from the NW.
  14. Indeed CC, and it's what I've been alluding to over the last few weeks on how this winter is very similar to those bad ones of the nineties and nougties.
  15. Actually BFTV, your the first one that has come out and said that and I would agree it would take quite a while to gather all the data and then reach a conclusion.
  16. So are the warm records climate and the cold ones just weather. If so even more hypocrisy from those who like to manipulate the facts.
  17. Lol Ian, every word you speak is taken literally, in fact if you was to produce Wednesdays lottery numbers and say the same most would go and purchase a ticket expecting to win the jackpot.
  18. It may not be quite true but it's the obvious scenario going forward. Over the last 10 days or so we've seen a slight change in the overall NH pattern but the end result differs little from what we've endured thus far. Yes we have a strong block to our east and yes we have seen some disruption to the PV which has resulted in a more positive pattern for colder shots, but what we are still not seeing is a pattern conducive to a long lasting cold spell anytime soon and nor are we guaranteed one regardless of Stratospheric warmings and the MJO.
  19. Good stuff four, I've always detested the way Skeptical science operates as it takes the stance that it's actually open to honest scientific debate, even when the actual truth is far removed from there mission statement, and what makes it even more amusing is the number of posters on here who use it as a reference for scientific facts.
  20. Much like I alluded to early, cold snaps here and there but until we see favourable synoptics regarding the Strat, much ado about nothing really.
  21. Indeed Frosty I still fail to see the optimism of others for a cold spell, snaps here and there yes, but the main theme of a mobile Westerly regime in the longer term remains the favourite, unless there are any favourable developments regarding the Strat.
  22. Wrong thread, this isn't the it's climate if it's hot weather thread.
  23. I'm with you Crew, it just feels like we are chasing shadows this winter and it just shows how poor this winter has been when we are getting excited about the prospects of some possible frontal snow.
  24. Agreed and that was my point, we may have a higher starting point but nothing can be ruled out and I wouldn't rule out the sun suddenly cranking up again.
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