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  1. It rained a couple of times but was light and mostly just drizzle. I think this was on the Saturday and Sunday morning (not sure if it rained during the early hours at any point though). No mud at all. Other than being a bit windy at times and ridiculously hot on the Wednesday, this year was a perfect weather year for me.
  2. Looks good but wellies still coming with me as we all know that the weather at Glastonbury has a mind of its own. It cannot be trusted
  3. I have a couple you could use: https://flic.kr/p/9XoDnX https://flic.kr/p/9XoAHx https://flic.kr/p/9XFzdm
  4. Wasn't able to get tickets this year but couldn't miss these discussions. Thanks J1
  5. Thanks Jackone. I am liking the current forecast so fingers cross that there are no more turns for the worse.
  6. 2014 weather was as follows (checked photos to try and remember but might not be spot on). I arrived early afternoon Thursday 26th June - light rain soon after arriving with intermittent showers throughout the afternoon with one heavy one although I think the evening was ok. Ground was quite muddy in places but not terrible and some areas still fine. Temps mild. Friday 27th was ok for most of the day with some sunny spells and periods of light rain. Then around 6ish it absolutely chucked it down with hail as well. Total mud bath after that. 28th June Saturday. Very muddy on site but I don't think it rained again, or if it did it was not a lot. Again, mild temps. Sunday 29h June - sunny and most of the site managed to dry out ok. Monday fine and sunny
  7. Thanks as always Jackone. I couldn't go to the festival this year but still can't help watching this topic and hoping for everyone else that the end of June will be a repeat of the sunfest that was Glastonbury 2010.
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