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  1. Good covering here in Belper from earlier and we look to be bang in the firing line for the remainder of the streamer (and everything else that’s out on the east coast). Could be quite an impressive total by morning at this rate.
  2. Looking fairly promising for my neck of the woods. Some pretty heft looking clouds now on the horizon towards the south.
  3. Mate in east of Birmingham reports very very loud thunder in the last few minutes.
  4. Really humid here with cloudy skies. Hoping we're in a good position but guess I'll just have to wait and see.
  5. Sun definitely trying its best to poke through here. Given the apparent NE direction of the Swindon storm, is there a reasonable chance it will reach us lot in the Derbyshire/South Yorks area in a few hours time?
  6. I'm probably about as high up as you can get round here! Might be wrong but looks like a lot of planes circling overhead - trouble landing at east mids??
  7. A few distant flashes seen from here (just north of Derby) looking south east towards South Notts
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