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  1. Hello,i just got back in here after a long time away and what a contrast to my former post of julys weather,from 38c all the way down to -3c tonight brrrrrr,hope everyone is wrapped up warm and cozy....Lady_Hypnotist

  2. is hot hot hot,its 29 in my room with all doors and windows open and 38C in my garden

  3. Happy hypnotic 4th of july weekend to all stateside

  4. "Happy Father's Day"

    Wishing all of you Dad's out there a very "Happy Father's Day"

    Hopefully your special day is filled with all of the love and joy that a day like this can bring. May all of your wishes, hopes and dreams come true. Love & Light, Lady_ hypnotist

  5. Phew....,glad to be back on the forum. after being mistaken for someone else it appears

    1. MAF


      not sure anyone could mistake those eyes Lady H :)

    2. Lady_Hypnotist


      it was not my eyes or me personaly,it seems a spammer ticked people of and as i had joined around that time a moderator alledgedly thought i was the same person.anyhow they sorted it out and i was eventualy let back in.sighs, spammers.