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  1. In 2018 I couldn’t get to work three miles away for two days, this is the type of snow event I’m interested in. However we’ve hardly had a thing since, this winter Back to the present time and this is the worst time of the year weather wise for me. Not cold just mild and generally grey.
  2. Got down to 4-5 degrees here last night. lovely out today though.
  3. Rain on and off all day, quite chilly out today too.
  4. With Gas prices rocketing we are bound to have a cold winter. 🌨
  5. Awful day again, but to be fair in autumn this happens. The heating went on last night, at least I got through September.
  6. It's great to see any real burst of heat being pushed back run after run, later and later in the season. Yes we can still hit good numbers in September and October but it will not be as oppressive as it would have been mid-August. With most of europe sizzling at one time or another i really feel like we have missed a bullet here. Phew!!
  7. Driving up and down the m6 between Haydock and Penrith, what an experience that was this afternoon
  8. Just been driving down the East Lancs at say 17:15 and saw a funnel cloud I think. Nearly crashed the van trying to get a photo and failed miserably.
  9. Nothing, diddly squat, Jack, sod all, again!
  10. You can see the instability in real time.
  11. Similar here but it feels like it’s about to go off.
  12. Now it looks like something out of the avengers ready to attack me!!
  13. Sat there watching the radar for an hour with it one frame from hitting me and then nothing.
  14. It wants to develop, stop jaffa cakesing about and give me a storm or even a brief shower
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