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    weather(cold and hot type) astronomy ,wine and the world turning cold! oh yey n cooking for the fam n friends whilst drinking wine n talking nonsense!!!!!! n lampost watching in winter x n a gud storm oh n beer ha

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  1. The EC mean a couple of weeks ago was showing cold favoured option with potential. That didn't work out too well.
  2. Wow. It passed through here in Bingley ,west yorks at 4:45pm. Very impressive for 15 mins with torrential rain and sleet here in sheets.
  3. Why does the most purple of purple bloody vortex cling to Greenland like a limpet like nowhere else in the nh?. Genuine question!. I believe there is a 50000k low pressure magnet under that place,grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  4. I still think it's not a normal winter coming up as in big surprises to come. No scientific proof but a gut feeling with some decent signals We've got to have a good one soon imo. I'd defo take that for though.
  5. Just another take on the general theme. Can't view eye candy every run. We're in a better place than we have for a few years imo,for cold. I'm happy,steady as she goes.....
  6. Crazy run......... If only. Anyway, still look at the NH profile at the end. Anywhere remotely near this and the pros will be hiding under the salt.
  7. Well that dry colder spell at the end of dec lasted long lolol. Just shows how volatile these forecasts are and weather.
  8. Wait for more amplification because the vortex to the nw will just keep barreling around unless we have help from most of the background signals imo. Look at the deep red hp to our sw. For a Nao neg, that's gonna take some shifting.
  9. I personally think it's a good idea so people chasing cold can post lala charts and not get shot down. Also myself who is less knowledgeable. I've had posts removed or not answered I feel because I've nowhere near as much knowledge as some. I also dont like to clog the main thread up.
  10. Yes,we never seem to have lows disrupting and sliding under the high,they just barrel around wearing the high down then sink it....... Onto the next set of runs.
  11. Seem contradictory some of it imo. A couple of weeks ago there was no mention of snow for this period. Dont think you can forecast the weather more than a week in advance so pretty useless these extended forecasts for me.
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