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  1. Yes,we never seem to have lows disrupting and sliding under the high,they just barrel around wearing the high down then sink it....... Onto the next set of runs.
  2. Seem contradictory some of it imo. A couple of weeks ago there was no mention of snow for this period. Dont think you can forecast the weather more than a week in advance so pretty useless these extended forecasts for me.
  3. Just shows how quickly the model output can change(background signals are helping) in a couple of days. Not to say the weather will play ball. Ok, a normal British winter the models nail the sw winds and zonal stuff(decent %) when most background signals point to that but with low solar,descending e qbo ect,you never know.
  4. Well, I'm glad the high pressure to the far east looks like shifting. Still plenty to be optimistic about if you're of a cold and snowy persuasion. Historically,zonal patterns have flipped suddenly to blocked patterns. Let's hope if it does,we hit the jackpot.
  5. Could someone please explain what the above shows/means and what impacts it will have?. Thanks.
  6. As long as its model related, people can post any chart in lala land they want.
  7. Yes.Very rare to have a chart like that but in Jan wow. If only. And that arctic high.........omg
  8. Lots to be positive about so far from a coldie pov. Not the endless mild sw dross, but can't believe some people calling zonal this morning on the mod thread. It's not at all. It's only approaching mid November and some are talking like it's mid January lol. Quietly optimistic about this winter and certainly interest on the models and background signals. Really hope we can maintain a southerly tracking jet this winter and remain on the cold side of the PJ even when it does turn zonal deeper into winter where there could be some big surprises in store.
  9. Quite a turnaround from just over a week ago mentioning mild sw more likely in the extended....................
  10. I'd have said the more typical pattern would be more of a sw pattern imo. That looks chilly/cold and unsettled. And the profile over the arctic is not too bad with higher than normal pressure. As a coldie I'm happy with how its shaping up. Of course we'll have mild sw at some point but there is alot to be encouraged about imho.
  11. Yes. Just got that feeling that this winter is not going to be the status quo +NAO.......... Interesting.
  12. Why is the final week in October critical though. Why not the first week of November etc?.
  13. Keep a eye on things in here with nowhere near as much know how with most. Blank days is obvious but what is the solar flux and its low reading mean?. Also can someone shed a little light on the thermo sphere? Thanks in advance.
  14. Excuse my ignorance but why is it linked to solely October?
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