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    weather(cold and hot type) astronomy ,wine and the world turning cold! oh yey n cooking for the fam n friends whilst drinking wine n talking nonsense!!!!!! n lampost watching in winter x n a gud storm oh n beer ha

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  1. A lovely sight see you post on this page Tamara. I for one(and others) have missed your evenly produced musings on here which has made this thread alot worse off. I have total respect for anybody's guidance on here,irrespective of their outcome findings. But you have been on the money more than most imho and i would really appreciate even a small snippet of your thoughts occasionally?. No probs if not.
  2. If you're after cold and snow,that chart is abysmal wuth the vortex just churning over Greenland. Westerly's will follow.
  3. They have been clever in their wording there. Not a clue like all of us.
  4. Well, for this cold spell it's all about showers tonight once sun goes down to see if places can get a covering then after tomorrow morning thats it for me. Had a inch here in Bingley overnight so be nice to get that again tonight. Keep the reports coming in
  5. Snow starting to melt on roads. If we can keep showers coming until evening then maybe accumulations tonight in places. About an inch here.
  6. Done well last coupl hrs here. A few cm. That streamer pushing north but some more in a couple of hrs looking east....
  7. Graphics on bbc showed earlier than that. Reaching west yorks between 11 and midnight.
  8. Highest today was -1.5 here in Bingley. Hoping for snow showers before this clod spell breaks.
  9. I think they just try and cover as many angles as they can tbh. These forecasts seem to be more wrong than right. Especially not really changing the longer one after the big downgrade of the shorter one.
  10. Im east of pennines in west yorks but use both this thread and yorks one and share your optimism.
  11. Been on the Irish thread and the developing showers(ahead of the band) moving nnw into Belfast are of snow. I wonder if any streamers that set up tonight over our region are of snow?.
  12. Woke in here at 5:45 and -3.5 in fog and some cars were just wet Sums this winter up for me.
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