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  1. Im in one of those situations at the moment whether I stay on the Isle of Wight due to the fact this risk is extremely close and could so easily be a sweet spot, or do me and my friend book a ferry and drive a bit further East, its so frustrating!
  2. Wooo we finally got a proper storm between 5pm and 5:45pm, had bowls towards the North of the island, this cell developed which started popping out a few CGS, and then drove right under it, thunder was proper loud, and quite frequent too Proper over the moon!
  3. Well hello there Mr Cumulus, breaking threw that cap rapidly, Cowes under a torrential shower, and stuff developing in the solent too
  4. Nice interesting day an dit was nice not to miss out on some of todayts fun had 2 incredible torrential downpurs which was awesome, and at about 3:30- 4pm, The line that developed over the South coast, was a nice one tod, while the heaviest didnt quite reach I heard 4-5 cracks and rumbles of thunder Finally off 6 thunder days
  5. Hugeeee Cumulus going up towards my North and North West which is on our track, bembridge currently under a heavy shower
  6. Here you go guys, from earlobes downpour, only phone quality mind so apologise IMG_7241.MOV IMG_7242.MOV
  7. It was mad, the heaviest part crossed directly over my head, shanklin got it bad too
  8. Jeeeez that was torrential, got a video of the shower we just had, gonna try and upload it
  9. Beautiful little cell just of to my east coast, stuck right in the little convergencse zone and not barely moving, got a few piccies from the seafront
  10. I love this, quality picture mate! Been surprisingly a really quiet first half to the year down here on the Isle of Wight, the type of conditions and wind directions and other elements just haven't been right for these parts. However im not gonna as I know we have had our fair share over the years. And there is a long long way to go yet! Really happy for those who are having a good year this year, even though im still jealous, I love tracking it all and enjoy reading all the reports
  11. Couple of showers have passed threw here of late, some really heavy ones over west wight too
  12. See its kicked off nicely just North of Bristol, and of coarse the area that was most expected furtehr North, jealous of you guys! Have fun regardless!
  13. To me the stuff coming up tonght and tomorrow, doesn't look that convective, especially by the time it reaches the South West Coast, best chance for storms tomorrow looks to be further North!
  14. In my opinion give it until around 9pm, light starts fading, and nocturnal cloud top cooling starts kicking and in my opinion this definitely givees things a boost, so dont be surpised if showers/storm fire up towards dark!
  15. As I said too William in my last post, im taking this with a pinch of salt, I know there are alot more ingredients you need, ive checked all other things like MUCAPE , its okay but still time for improvements, wind shear could be quite important though i haven't that yet. id rather be chasing the mainland stuff to be fair
  16. The charts before didnt look that great for Monday morning, so I understood AJ's post as to why so was kinda with him on that one im afraid mate, but the latest run increases the potential for sure but im gonna take it with a pinch of salt as we have been here before and it ends in tears, still a few days away
  17. Latest 12z has got my interest suddenly for Sunday night into Monday, an area of Elevated showers/ storms develop in the channel and push up from the South East, its only 1 run but theres been a bit of a trend on something being picked up, still early days. Wasn't that interested in monday morning before but confidence has gone up a touch, reminds me a little of June 2013 As for the rest of the uk its looking like an interesting few days coming up
  18. Im ready for you beach, bring on this warmth!

  19. Cell to the South West of Bristol is about to start firing any minute i reckon, looks insane on the radar!
  20. "I like it when the red water comes out" from the legendary Salad Fingers

    1. lassie23


      Prefer fish fingers myself:closedeyes:

    2. Stormyking


      I like fish fingers on a friday

  21. Its cool dude, thing with this Evening, theres better inhibiton and the wind shear improves too, thats why i think if any storms/showers go up then will be better organised and individual rather than scattered and messy.
  22. I was stating in general not just for the island, I didnt even mention the my area o.O I actually do mate, i think the island is in a decent spot, especially this evening when nocturnal cloud top cooling kicks in
  23. Problem at the moment everything still a bit messy and unorganised, give it a couple more hours and I think things start getting its act together, best times will be from 7pm onwards Patience!
  24. This face would make any news personally
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