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    I love the weather especially extremes like thunderstorms and snow! Also love going out with friends! I play bowls, also like football and am a big Liverpool fan!
    Also like listenin to music and playing games!
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  1. Want my buddy back, please come back alive :( I miss you man x

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    2. Stormyking


      Thankyou TWS for the advise means alot, me and my mates are sticking together tightly, we will get threw it im sure but will be hard to start with. My mate has his 18th birthday coming up adn we was all goign to celebrate and have a drink. We will do it for our friend that passed away. Again thankyou for the support :)

    3. Lancashire Lass

      Lancashire Lass

      *hugs* I lost my dad a few years ago now. Although you won't feel this way now, please believe me when I say it gets easier. In the meantime take comfort and support in family and friends and even us on here if you feel like a natter or just somebody to listen.

    4. Stormyking


      :'( Sorry to hear that I really am :/

      Thankyou so much we will get threw it fo sure. People have been very supportive and am very greaful, and thankyou to all for the supportive comments it means alot :) x