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  1. Right I need help... Thursday i had been feeling weird, and since been feeling really run down:/, then I notcied behind my ear, like on the head bit, I have this lump, its round, and hard. Didnt think much of it. Today I have really really bad headaches almost temeperature feel, especially my right side of my head. The lump is on my right side, but now i have 2 there :/, I have no idea what it is

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    2. reef


      Sounds like what I had during the early stages of shingles. If a rash comes out on that side of your head over the next few days then it'll be that.

    3. Stormyking


      Heading upto the idoc or something today to get it looked at, after ,14 hours sleep, the temperature and raging headaches is still there :/, alled work off today as theres no way i handle it today, ill end up passing out

    4. Keraunic


      Let us know how you get on. Take care. :)

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