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  1. pulling my antennas down ..chargeing up the cams ..was going to play radio tonight ..time for some klf and storm fun
  2. im sat on the salisbury plain in a dark sky area ...i can see faint reflections of flashes to my southwest ..its 23deg and sticky here
  3. humid dark still warm sultry is how i would say it is above me ... and also add dark ...
  4. looking very active up there ... temps got to 18deg light winds ..high uv. lovely day in all .. with some really good cloudscapes added
  5. standerwick dilton marsh and canalroad trowbridge.. just in to winter and boom lol
  6. i was just under one of those squal lines in wiltshire ... i have never in my life of all of my 44 years seen rain like that ...i think my soul is soaked also it was that heavy and strong ..epic .
  7. not posted in a while but i had to report this .. about 40 mins ago while walking in to my local town center a real heavy downpour happend .. i have never seen rain so hard and in such amounts before .it was that heavy it was setting car alarms off and it was sheeting off the roofs in what it looked like one solid sheet .. looked at the nwradar and i was under a purple spot :O .. epic was not the word ..
  8. www.netweather.tv HostError meh ..someone give it a kick Error 502 Ray ID: 215015d1fe9a061c • 2015-08-12 23:51:04 UTC Bad gateway :(
  9. my new lighting sensor arrived today so i have been busy buliding it in to my sensor network .. it was sat on my bench hooked up to an ardunio and a wifi card and it was going nuts .. thought id fryed it or someting ..but no even sat on my bench it was picking up the storms 100miles south of me :O ..so i take it we are gonna have gert lush storms down here ..i best put this bodge in a water proof box and get it outside and start logging .....
  10. woha that was a bit warm today not been on mutch i have been buliding my new weather station ..open source cheap as chips sensors ectect so i am in the middle of buliding my uber weather station with air quality giger counter and lightning iv gone a bit mad for this anyway have some data https://forum.netweather.tv/gallery/image/21378-chart/ https://forum.netweather.tv/gallery/image/21377-chart1/
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    From the album: visual data

  12. Andy Pepler


    From the album: visual data

  13. hya has anyone bulit a ardunio based wireless weather station useing mysensors and a home automation system .. i have been playing around on this cold and wet summers weekend .. i have made a serial gateway that recieves the data from from many kinds of sensors ,plus i have made a node that deals with temp and pressure so far .. i have to make a rain/humidity sensor a wind/direction node and also a lightning sensor .plus a few more toys..with the free software i am useing i am able to log/display all of the sensors in real time .. plus upload it to any site.. andy
  14. its boil in the bag weather again ... to me its hot sticky and well yukk... but i can see towers forming.... i could kill for a mini ice age in my flat at the moment I'm not happy, in fact I'm quite sad
  15. https://forum.netweather.tv/gallery/image/21324-lightning1/ https://forum.netweather.tv/gallery/image/21323-lightning3/ few frames from the t5 bumpercam
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