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  1. I was in the public toilets and had just sat down, a voice from the next cubicle said "Hi !, how are you ?" Embarrassed, I said, "I'm doing fine". The voice said "So what are you up to ?". I said, "Just doing the same as you, sitting here !". From next door, "Can I come over?". Annoyed, I said " rather busy right now". The voice said, "Listen, i will have to call you back, there's an idiot next door answering all my questions"

  2. holyLettuce!!!!! that is one hell of a thundersrm heading ourway .. anyone south and east of west wilshire is going to be in for a killer light show with flooding.....

    1. Sprites


      dont be silly!

  3. oh fook . its just reared its ugly head .. i can now see that my fish have ICH (white spot) grrrrrrrr .. back off to pets at home tomorrow

    1. TheToastPeople


      Ah damn white spot sucks but its very treatable, Dont buy from pets at home the one near me has no clue what they are doing with the poor fish.

  4. is a little upset his coldwater tank setup is poorly..im at a loss what to do to help...:(

  5. i must smell dont get poked no more :(

  6. URGENT!!! For all parents, Nestle is asking for everyone to return all BANANA BABY FOOD expiring 2012 because they may contain glass. Please copy and paste for all babies safety. Bar code 7613033089 73, even if you're not a parent please copy you could save a babies life!!♪!!

  7. my manboobs are better thn yours :D

  8. is not happy .. its cold dark dank .you can smell the coal fires ..WTF happend to summer . its like november outside ......not good :(

  9. to all of those people watching twilight .....why its rubbish..if i had my chance id get the garlic and silver bulletts and go blade on there white emo arses ?

  10. is cooking steamed new spuds . baby peas spring beans.. pork and apple with sage sasuages in a onion gravy:):)

  11. iss brolly antenna is up and working ... just awiting the next high pass :)

  12. iss going overhead in 50 mins 88deg right overhead with moon aswell its gonna be bright :) this is for the southwest :)

  13. sonna watch some shooting stars tonight .. the sky is clearing :)

  14. When you watch Jaws backwards, it becomes a touching story about a lonely shark that vomits up so many people that they have to open a beach

  15. yawwwwnnnnnnsssssssssssssss

  16. is it a full moon or someting

    1. tinybill


      its pouring down here in suffolk at the moment

  17. It's all kicking off in Dublin now! Paddy's just smashed the screen on his laptop trying to loot eBay!

  18. 26 days till bst british summer time :D now why does that make me smile .

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