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  1. Have you even read the Met Office outlook!! Mild is not on their radar and I trust their outlook rather than 1 run of tne GFS. Very misleading post.
  2. I know they don’t mean much but the met office app now show heavy snow for me between 2am and 6am. It has always been rain or sleet up to this point.
  3. Thought I would leave this here. BBC forecast for the week ahead. This screen shot is for a week on Wednesday. I don’t think any model is showing this.
  4. Hard to get snow and you want to put a pinch of salt on it. Sorry, couldn’t resist!!
  5. Just thought I would leave this here. Very sad. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-46820379
  6. That graphic for Saturday looks like a character from the Simpsons.
  7. Interesting enough when you read the MO outlooks it does hint at the ECM with staying cold in northern and central areas with more snow and in the extended still goes for the easterly. Does not surprise me and us northerners may not miss out yet but does look to be better for people further south.
  8. If anyone is interested it is worth going on FB and search BwD Roads. Blackburn and Darwen. They have just posted a video of snow over the next five days. All I can say if true this place sill be bedlam.
  9. Even the national outlook for Tuesday is amazing. Very unlikely to see this again. A ramp from the MO
  10. Even off topic one liners from John Holmes. John may be even ramping soon.
  11. Very strange. No warnings and we probably have more snow than we have had this winter.
  12. I have been on Bacup Cricket ground in the summer and I am sure we have had warmer days in January. Snow for Rossendale has been poor so far this year but we still have the rest of February and March and we still can get a lot in the next 6 weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a snowy Easter.
  13. “Hasn’t rained since it stopped” Wow, who would have thought.????
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