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  1. Left Burnley at 5pm on X43 and was turned round at What was Bull and Butcher. Went don Rossendale Road to the motorway and the A56 but got sent through Accrington then Haslingden finally getting to Rawtenstall over 2 hours later.
  2. If it is shifted south by 20 or 30 miles every 6 hours then come Thursday it will be over Southern England come Thursday.
  3. Just checked xcweather and it has 70cm for Rawtenstall.
  4. Couldn’t resist posting this from ECM snow depths. Yes Zi know they are not very good but still good to look at.
  5. Yes they do at the moment. Was due to change in April last year but due to some teething problems it has been delayed until this spring. The forecasts for the BBC will come from MeteoGroup.
  6. Come on. The GFS is not king, neither are any of the models. GFS has moved towards ECM, ECM has moved towards the GFS with GFS moving more towards ECM than the other way round. Cant post charts as zi am on phone but if you look at GFS for next Tuesday from two days ago and today for the same time you will see that the GFS will be.the bigger difference. The METO has been middle ground and this is looking more likely. Come back in 7 days and see if you can say GFS is king. I don’t think so. i am surprised at sime of the more experienced members who are claiming GFS has been right all along. SIMPLY NOT TRUE AND MISLEADING TO SLL THE NEW MEMBERS, Remember the cold spell has not arrived yet so who knows how long it will last.
  7. But the GFS was showing westerlies from early next week but it is going to be late next even IF it does manage to push in. To say GFS is correct is laughable let alone misleading to new members.
  8. Heavy snow in Rawtenstall and sticking.
  9. Snowing in Rossendale but not sticking yet.
  10. Don’t give up yet. Meto seem to think we are still in the game
  11. Look at the Meto forecast. They are going cold with rain/sleet/snow and only short mild spells for the south. I expect all models to upgrade the cold over the next few days. Anyone who thinks the GFS zonality for the week before Christmas may need to check back in a few days. Won’t see mild again in 2017 (except the extreme south west).
  12. North West England - Weather Chat

    It is heavy snow in Rossendale.