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  1. Think it is time the plaudits were handed out to RJS for his LRF and all his work regarding the same. The amount of data that he has analysed is nothing short of phenomenal. You have another convert here RJS! also thanks to Blast from the Past for his input also. Sandstorm
  2. Been a great argument going on over on the model output thread between snowballz and no balls.it has been on the wrong thread but thats another thing. They both seem intelligent people but to me one is arguing for the models as a predictive tool and the other is not, Surely this is a non argument as the models are simply the scientific community's tool for trying to predict the weather, yes they have a long way to go but they are slowly, very slowly getting there. To write off the inaccuracy in there verification as simply the weather being the weather is missing the point altogether. SS2
  3. Just had to post a reply to this post in the MT thread. ''I do think time is running out for any significant cold, the old sun is getting higher now - more heat - more light - less snow''! Are you kidding, it is only the eighth of January which is only about 2 weeks since the shortest day. We still have at least 8 weeks of potentially wintry weather and anyway the height of the sun in this country has nothing to do with how warm the weathwer is, remember at the summer solstice we can have temps in single figures. SS2 SS2
  4. AH, would you believe that I knew that all along, but my brain was refusing to tell me! Thats my excuse anyway, thanks for the answer Shuggee SS2
  5. Silly question coming up but I am going to ask it anyway. What does SLP stand for in relation to the charts? thanks in anticipation. SS2
  6. Uploaded it again and it seems to be there. Thanks again. SS2 It sems to have appeared in the posts that had it missing, weird indeed.
  7. Will try and upload it again, don't know what I've done with it, thanks for the reply. SS2
  8. Can anyone tell me why my avatar has disappeared from my posts when I am adding a reply, it has been a football crest for ages now but when I look in my personal stuff it shows an old avatar. Thanks SS2
  9. anyone know whats happened to the locations that normally appears under posts. Sandstorm2
  10. Tomasz Scaffernaker has just reiterated that we are going to have an easterly blast next week, so I presume this has come from the Met office. SS2
  11. Looking at the models this morning, I am wondering if we are all looking at the same charts, all I can see is a brief spell of cold southeasterly winds for 24 hours and then the mild atlantic comes in. Will someone please tell me I am wromg. SS"
  12. can someone please tell me where the latest model discussion has diaappeared to. S2
  13. There has been a bit of chat recently about the winter of 62-63, I am one of the lucky members who remembers it well. it really started on xmas eve when I rose in the morning and as a boy of 11 I was delighted to see there had been a large fall of snow and even better the dry stuff. The school holidays had started and the first thing I made for was the large cupboard where the sledge was kept,. I made my way to friends houses who had already got their sledges out and got ourselves to the nearest large hill which was in the local park. This park also had two large ponds which froze over thick e
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