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  1. Seriously. We have had way more than that here. I do remember you were quite emphatic that most of us would only get a couple of cm's. Seems most of us had a lot more than that I am very surprised you only had two cm's. Have had about 4 inches here along with decent drifts. Main roads are now clear but side roads are icy and have snow on.
  2. Will be amazing if we get yet more snow this evening.
  3. Good covering here. Just got in from a night out and side roads are a mess. Radar looks amazing.
  4. Showers are all bloody avoiding me again! Come to Daddy Godammit!
  5. Hard to know exactly what will happen this weekend. Radar watching it is!
  6. I think i just about scrape into the amber warning!
  7. Those saying looking poor for snow this weekend. You having a laugh? Looks pretty good chance of decent snow for some of us.
  8. Does feel cold tonight though. Milder on Friday and weekend by all accounts.
  9. Any snow we do get will be gone within a couple of hours.
  10. BBC just showed possibility of snow in the Midlands first thing tomorrow. Wont last long but one to keep an eye on if anyone is driving first thing in the morning.
  11. Not really bothered about any snow later as there will be a rapid thaw tonight and tomorrow.
  12. Only trouble for me is I am self employed and cut lawns and garden work for a living. This weather will probably mean me not cutting lawns until mid March at the earliest. Even next week it looks cold at night.
  13. Wow. Must be gut wrenching. We had very little here until Thursday night. Now have drifts over 5ft in places!
  14. Some huge drifts round here. Doors on conservatory were hard to open this morning due to amount of snow drifted against them! One door now wont shut as expanded due to the cold!
  15. Pleased for you. Hope you get a decent covering. You have suffered more than any of us on here this winter.
  16. Also makes me laugh the coverage on the news. Banging on about everywhere apart from the areas worst effected tonight. The Midlands. Its the same with the football. They always ignore us. Up yours national media
  17. Shambles we are not under an amber warning. Oh I forgot. Its the Midlands. Really poor by the met office
  18. Still snowing and there is intensification as I said several pages ago.
  19. Can certainly see some intensification in some areas at south of band.
  20. Brilliant event this has been today. Makes up for the frustration earlier in the week. Still snowing and has been since two.
  21. Sure I can see slight signs of some intensification to the south of the band.
  22. Still it comes down. Like Narnia out there now. Must have had a good 8 cms. In the sweet spot for once just outside Wolvo. Downside is I think Wolves game may be off.
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