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  1. BBC forecast shows sleety rubbish for tomorrow and Sunday and then later rain on Sunday and mild rubbish. Looks like game over.
  2. BBC app shows sleet and snow symbols for Saturday but forecast says it will be a dry day? Very strange.
  3. A fair number of trees down locally apparently, here. Not surprised after the strength of that wind last night. Hardly got any sleep! Showers for tomorrow appear to have downgraded for my area. Typical!
  4. No chance. It will be rain unfortunately.
  5. All looks over now. Think this winter could almost be over if weather keeps up like this. Cant see where we are going to get any significant snow.
  6. A load of really heavy showers in the Irish sea. BBC earlier showed some quite heavy snow showers over the midlands in the early hours.
  7. Dark here and sleety bits falling.
  8. To be honest bbc forecast doesnt look great for later on. Seems to have downgraded for tonight.
  9. The hills dont seem to effect the amount of snow showers coming in tomorrow evening/ night judging by the bbc forecasts!
  10. Think you could well be wrong on some of that.
  11. I'm just about in the warning section. Will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow but whatever we get wont last very long. Really want a spell that lasts more than a few days.
  12. Looks like game over for any long cold spell now. Indeed next week could be very mild. The snow in December was great but this month and the outlook are pathetic at present.