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  1. Will leave you with a photo of the fear from the French doors in living room, it's like they want to come in....... I've shut the blinds.
  2. Drip, drip here in coastal Rosyth. Bloody epic while it lasted......
  3. Ha ha. Nah, mate never knew about red but knew it was going to be bad, just party to some stuff from high when it could impact the area I work with. Work in Govt, but no not Transport Minister....
  4. Another trampoline photo. Not often we see snow like this right down on the Forth at Rosyth. Wind howling just now, but missing showers at the moment.
  5. Nailed it. In all seriousness, those who are anxiously waiting on an order of Black Musk over next few weeks are goosed.
  6. Ok, so nobody knows where I work, what I do, I know that, but if I was to say through that occupation I maybe sometimes, in exceptional circumstances, when it may affect my work, etc, be party to advance warnings of exceptional weather and impact of such. Just a wee nerve settler for ye all.
  7. To be fair, I've never really been away, just on mute. Your pain in Currie in terms of snaw starvation has been felt by me too.....
  8. Hi guys, last post was at tail end of 2010 spell I think. Been an avid lurker ever since and have followed model thread over the in between period. Signed in again the other day as it looks like something brewing. Looking forward to it and let's not leave it 8 years again! From somewhat snow starved Rosyth.......
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