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  1. When is this crud weather pattern we're stuck in going to end, really can't stand this constant wind and rain, bring back that gorgeous early spring warm weather we had before this current unsettled spell set in.
  2. Smartie

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    God I can tell I'm getting old when some of the biggest stars from 80s TV shows & movies that I loved as a kid are passing away. Rip String fellow Hawke, I bet you & Dominic (aka Ernest Borgnine) are having a blast up there.
  3. Smartie

    In Memoriam

    Sad news, way too young. I see there is going to be a reboot of beverly hills 90210 with quite a few original cast members returning, apparently luke was going to be in as many episodes as he could do.
  4. Is this a wind up? We've had one snow event here, I've lost count of how many winters (the majority!) where down here we end up missing out on multiple snow events during the winter that end up being an M4 North event! So if it indeed ended up happening again I'd call it payback for all those winters lol.
  5. Loving this current unseasonal warm weather, going to be utterly depressing to see it replaced by unsettled weather off the Atlantic from Thursday onwards.
  6. Another gorgeous day out there, absolutely loving this weather at the moment.
  7. Loving this weather, very spring like out there today with clear blue skies and feels nice in the sun. The weather charts at the moment don't bother me as a coldie, would be an awful outlook in December or January but at this time of year the weather can become very spring like even though it's only mid feb so that high can stay just to the south east all it wants, I'll willingly take that just as much as I would a cold & snowy outlook at this time of year, either will do me just fine.
  8. It takes zero skill to predict mild in this county for winter lol but if you want to float your own trumpet then be my guest.
  9. That's mad, traffic chaos still. Apart from a few spots in the garden where the sun doesn't reach at this time of year the snow is all but vanished.
  10. The south west can be the best place to be sometimes, last night showed that, the slider lp track ended up being so far south than when it was first picked up by the models that only the south west and the south of the county was affected. Get a good scandi high where it causes fronts to stall from the atlantic coming in from the south west and who ends up getting loads of snow when the fonts hardly make it into the uk, we do, sometimes being closer to the atlantic than other parts of the uk can be a bonus & as Jethro said in the mod thread, all this snow come about even though it's not even been that cold really, no deep siberian freeze in place over the county yet the so called worse place in the uk to get snow got dumped on over the past 24 hours.
  11. I just thought, I replied to someone in a thread on here, last month I think it was as he said that people in the south West should approach every winter accepting the fact that it's unlikely to snow, bit ironic really someone saying that when you consider what unfolded in the south west and the far south last night & considering the snow depths being reported & hour after hour of heavy snow some have received today (sadly not me)
  12. Here's an interesting and detailed video I've just watched about the 1946/47 winter, I seriously lost count of how many times he mentions about blizzards pushing into the south west! Pretty stunning to see how it all played out on the weather charts but at the same time utterly devastating impacts to the country which was still recovering from the war.
  13. I'll sleep well tonight I know that much, after spending most of last night either outside or looking out the window!
  14. Think I'll have nightmares about that blob seeing as it set up shop just to the east of here lol. Must have been awesome sat underneath it though with continuous heavy snow hour after hour. Still I'm happy with what we got, nice to see snow falling and also seeing that awesome orange glow in the night sky which you get with heavy snow falling.
  15. Good job I don't need to visit the avian vet in Swindon today looking at the state of that road, was at Swindon twice last week due to my very sick budgie, he's a lot better now though thank god.
  16. Feed the birds all year round but at times like this I'm putting even more food out and for the pigeons too.
  17. Very jealous of you lot in that heavy precipitation, I swear it's moving west at a snails pace, well the brighter echos are within it.
  18. The patch of precipitation doesn't appear to be moving, but the brighter echos within the area seem to be moving slowly west so it could get heavier at times.
  19. Annoying being right on the western edge of that patch of heavy precipitation to the east.
  20. Just took a walk to the local pond to feed the ducks, poor things were starving hungry.
  21. So nice seeing all the snow reports on the news for the south and south west, instead of usually everywhere else in the country but the south and south west!
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