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  1. Still have nightmares about the heavy snow forecast for the south of the uk over night a few years back, the low pressure ended up being even further south and buried the channel islands! There was a few snow flakes blowing about in the wind the following morning but that was it, the snowfall caused chaos in the channel Islands though & northern france due to the snow depths.
  2. If it was cold enough for snow you can bet the low pressure would pass through very quickly without hanging around!
  3. Dec 81 was awesome down here in North Somerset, over a foot of level snow at sea level, snow drifts up the back door of the house to the point we couldn't open it, never seen a winter like it since though & with global warming I doubt I ever will again.
  4. What a horrible day it's been, I absolutely detest windy weather like this!
  5. Roads have loads of standing water on them, hope the drains can cope with this torrential rain.
  6. So annoying looking at tne radar, loads of activity further north & we get the scraps.
  7. Think that's going to pass just to the north between here & Bristol, all this oppressive heat & humidity & so far nothing to show for it except lots of sweat lol
  8. Absolute carnage unfolding in parts of Scotland right now with storms, torrential rain & severe flooding going all night long & still continuing as we speak, I wonder what mother nature will have in store for our region from later on today!
  9. So many days with storms breaking out, still waiting for one to hit here lol
  10. Having asthma, along with a life long heart condition I'm certainly stressing out about this virus for what might happen to me or my elderly parents. Regarding the advice to self isolate, ironically that's how I've lived everyday for nearly 30 years anyway since I finished work in 1992, I got diagnosed with severe social phobia shortly afterwards and I literally spend most of my time in the house & when I do go out I go out of my way to avoid people, it's a very depressing, lonely existence but I've got used to it so you could say this virus outbreak hasn't had any affect on how I'm l
  11. Can't think of anything more unpleasant to be honest considering the soaking wet autumn & winter we've just had but with the pv still churning away as strong as ever I can't see the crud pattern we've been stuck in for the last 3 months changing any time soon.
  12. Sod all here overnight, showers passing to the north & south of me & any showers heading this way just died a death across the channel in south wales.
  13. Due to not sleeping well because of bruised ribs I was awake during the early hours when we had a few minutes of biblical rain, it absolutely pelted down and the winds were very gusty as well, if that was snow it would have left a decent covering within minutes due to how intense that precipitation was!
  14. So I see some more have finally seen snow falling or had settling snow, nout here of the white stuff all winter although I got my snow falling fix back in mid November, ok it was very wet snow flakes & borderline sleet, most certainly evaporative cooling taking effect as there was hardly any wind & it turned more to snow in the heavier bursts, some of the higher areas around had settling snow, not bad for autumn, shame that early sight of snow falling didn't set the tone for the winter to come though!! Lol
  15. So many people in the mod thread just wishing they could get to see some snow falling from this terrible winter, they should move to west country as I saw some back in November. I posted about it in this thread at the time, ok there was plenty of rain falling as well aka sleet but there was plenty of snow flakes falling too. I remember plenty of snow reports coming in, mainly from high ground but there was no wind that morning so must of been some evaporative cooling happening during the heavier bursts. Remember thinking at the time that seeing snow falling in late autumn might bode we
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