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  1. Pleased to see some great scenes for our members , woke up to good moderate snow coming down here in Dinnington already a light covering here sticking well @91m hopefully to continue 👍
  2. Well that was unexpected, a good 40 mins or so of big fluffy flakes and a solid covering here at my father's in Wrawby North Lincolnshire, my dog certainly enjoyed it ?
  3. Quite surprising in a relatively small area how much snow cover has varied, first day back at work (well making an appearance) i started at my fathers near Woodhall Spa it was fairly white big drifts in the road edges , to Brigg and our office snowy but not as much via Scunthorpe which was patchy in comparison back home to Bessacarr (Donny) Mrs had killed car battery and then down to Retford which was even snowier, Donny and Nth Notts seem to have copped more thats for sure, did enjoy snowballing my 3 Jack Russells mind (in works time of course) in all seriousness work was cancelled, least the
  4. Ah can remember back in 2010 I lived in Winterton, epic times the A1077 was blocked a few times so me and my mates all walked to town via Normanby brrr
  5. Probably right, though I use it to spot chunks way out and see if they intensify and their track
  6. seems fairly decent, certainly was right over night and into this morning http://meteoradar.co.uk/expected-rainfall#
  7. http://meteoradar.co.uk/expected-rainfall# find this useful obviously no guarantee but those 'blobs' can surely only gain further moisture as they come across
  8. Crikey what a difference 24hrs makes snows coming down here heavy, proper covering here and more to come, looking at predicted radar and there's a further few big areas coming in today from out at sea all the way from Denmark, to top it off text at 10.15 last night saying no need to come into work
  9. http://meteoradar.co.uk/expected-rainfall# There's a bigger chunk early hours might be some use to us
  10. Those showers are already pepping up out at sea, though I'd trade them for the NE lots, strewth!
  11. Nice find, lets hope the trajectory improves and the wind shifts
  12. Hoping the forecasts are right and at the least a top up/ few cm's appear as it suggests, maybe night time will help a slow build up of accumulations from these showers we can live in hope im clinging to the fact the shower size is a bit bigger
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