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    Brentford, West London (from Wales originally)
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    Weather, going to gigs! Rock,blues,heavy metal music. Love sci fy tv programmes.
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    Stormy, windy, cold.
  1. Hi all. Interesting skies here,,but all seems to be passing brentford by, bar a few hail showers earlier, very short lived ones at that! Is it too early to open the sparkling red Shiraz......
  2. Hi all, gosh what a beaut of a day! Sunny and mild, with a gentle breeze. Rugby good too. Congrats England on winning in Italy. France v Ireland will be a mouth watering game I feel.
  3. Hi all. Just in from a superb day at home of English rugby! Gutted about the result, England were the better side, and very exciting to watch!! I hope Wales can beat scotland next weekend and finish third maybe. Was incredible atmosphere and I met so many gracious people today, very kind, and sociable. It was a fabulous weather day, with most folks outside enjoying the clear blue skies and warmth. Just now there is a low fog on the field, but it is not cold at all, just a tad chilly. Congratulations England!!!! I think we play you in the World Cup, aaaaaarrghhh!!
  4. I just changed it, ahead of the big game tomorrow!! So not going mad no!!Was amazing day today, uplifting having it sunny and dry!
  5. Thanks AS! The weather is looking kind tomorrow, mild and sunny, I hope the game also plays ball ! The sound of the welsh rugby crowd is a genuinely uplifting experience, maybe we can give sweet chariots a run for their money!! Home advantage tomorrow for the English, and may the best team win...
  6. Hi all chilly here, but nice n crisp and clear. Going to england v Wales at the home of English rugby tomorrow!! Hoping for an exciting game... Come on the boys!
  7. Defo fog BB! Not now, but we had a thin layer over the park here first thing and it drifted around the patio. We often get fog here in the park whilst other areas in brentford and surrounding areas don't. I suspect our proximity to the field and lake would have summat to do with it.
  8. Was nice at 8am, clear and sunny, but is foggy now!! Like smoke drifting past the doors!! Happy st davids day to me, and any other lovely welsh folk on here...,bore da!!
  9. Jax have you been to the bins yet tonight?!! Some big pools of water here. Looks like a good night to remain under a roof. Said someone called Ruth!!
  10. Rained on commute in and raining on commute home ! And it's cold and there are some odd people on my train. It's like the Star Wars bar. Or the scene in airplane movie where the plane goes supersonic and all the passengers temporarily look like Ronald regan! Such a long post. Still raining.
  11. Incredible pix on twitter of the northern lights, did go and look outside here,,but got no chance since council Installed the new white football stadium type street lights here that are on all night! It's cold now.
  12. Hey snowlady! Hope u well today. Love Tamara's posts. Was some interesting cloud scapes on way out of Waterloo tonight. And looking a bit dark now.
  13. Good news snowlady. I wish you all the very best to you and your family. Still a bit light which is rather good! Cannot complain as saw the sun today. Good evening all!
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